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Topics in this issue:

        1. Sponsor Message
        2. Word from publisher
        3. Introduction
        4. Say goodbye to bad moods
        5. I am new...
        6. Freehits
        7. Advertising in  Digest
        8.  Words Can Make Or Break Your Promotion!
                          Guest Article by Michael T. Glaspie
        9. Adland Tip

================Sponsor Message  (1) ========================

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============ Word from publisher (2)=============

Let's see  if idea of reviewing sites
will get any place in Adland digest.

To submit your site for review  follow guidelines

Request should contain following info.

1. URL of the site
2. Purpose of the site  (one sentence)
3. Name and email address of requestor
4. What kind of feedback is expected.

=================New Post  (3) =============

Subject: Introduction
From:Hans Moser <>

Hello Everyone,

I am Hans Moser of Creative Graphic Solutions.  I have been marketing
on the net for over 2 years.

I find followup with my prospects very frustrating.  I have sent them
many messages, requesting that they let me know what help they need
and never hear back from them.  I know that this is the most important
aspect of Network Marketing, but is also very frustrating.  After all
how am I supposed to train them, if I don't know what they need.

I am 41, married for 22 years, we have three children Jeremy 20,
Justin 17, and Jessica 14.  We live in a small town in Southeastern
Michigan.  We enjoy camping/RV'ing, travel, and our pets.  You can
learn more about our family and see pictures at our personal site at

I am looking forward to sharing marketing tips with the list.

Hans Moser

=================New Post  (4) =============


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Editor Note:

I though that this posting wouldn't hurt.

=================New Post  (5) =============

Subject: I am new...
From: <>

I am a new member of this list. I wonder if anyone can give me some advice
on how to make a prospect take the last step to buy something from me from
my website. I get 15-20 hits to my site every day and the traffic is

=================New Post  (6) =============

Subject: freehits
From: "Ronnie Clark" <>

I am setting up a page designed to help get free traffic, any advice
would greatly appreciated. Adlands is at the top and I hope to add a
webring in the near future. feel free to email me any suggestions.

Subscribe to freehits

============= CONTINUING  (7) ==================

Subject: Advertising in  Digest
From: "Ellen Rittenhouse" <>

RE: Classifieds:  I like your solution as it allows opportunities to get and
give feedback about sites and businesses.  I believe the limit of three per
digest is a good number.

Ellen Rittenhouse

==================Guest Article  (8) ===================

Subject: Words Can Make Or Break Your Promotion!
From: Michael T. Glaspie

In direct marketing the words you choose WILL, not maybe, not sometimes,
make or break your promotion.

And it is just as important in your e-mail or your web site as it is in
direct mail, television or radio spots, and even inbound and outbound
telemarketing scripts. Lastly, let's not overlook those cheap little
classified ads that can be so powerful.

The carefully selected words you choose should convey not just the product
or service's features & benefits- but convey with enthusiasm, passion, and
all the emotion you can deliver. First you must fall in love with your
product or service, then just tell the world all about it.

Through the years I've authored well over 100 successful sales letters with
mailings in the millions, two infomercials, numerous radio & TV spots, and
countless telemarketing scripts. Through it all I've amassed a secret
weapon-a veritable arsenal of power words and phrases. Use them to compel
your prospect to action. Use them in your headline, body copy, and yes, even
in your banners. But don't overdose. As always, too much of a good thing is
sometimes just too much.

A few of my favorite phrases:

never before, right now, more time, sure fire, come closer, listen up, get
paid, bulls-eye, laser guided missile, breathtaking, extraordinarily new...

and just a few fun words-let your personality show:

kowabunga, shazzam, fungolas, kemosabe

and a few phrases thrown in for that extra punch:

This is the standard by which all other ____ ______ _____ will be judged.
I have seen the future of ___ ___ and this ___ ___ is what I have seen.
There is no speed limit to your success if ___ ___
The seven reasons why you must ___ ___
The amazing secrets of ___ ____
Hot new report reveals ___ ___

and for our valuable Quick Tips to direct marketing:

- Make 'um one hell of an irresistible offer
- Put it in the mail or on your web site and send it to them
- And by far the most important, send it to the right     person. (Don't
waste advertising resources on an     audience that you have not identified
as being the most     likely to purchase from you).

Article by Michael T. Glaspie, "How To Sell
Anything To Anyone, Anytime" If you have any questions about
this article feel free to email Michael.

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