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Topics in this issue:

        1. Sponsor Message
        2. Word from publisher
        3. Free Hits to Your Site

        R e q u e s t    f o r  R e v i e w
            1. Advice on advertising 800 numbers
            2. Your Website Review Offer

        G u e s t   A r t i c l e
                          Guest Article by Russ Swan

        Adland Tip

================Sponsor Message  (1) ========================

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============ Word from publisher (2)=============

Today we have few requests for review.
I would like to make this idea useful for everybody.
If you feel that after reviewing the site you can give some
guidelines which have general application, please send them to
digest. They will be included in next issues.

I would like encourage some of the experts to participate in
this initiative and give rewards  for contributing to digest
through reviewing sites.

If you would like to be a  regular "site reviewer" and post your
feedback in the digest,  please  respond to me and I will include
you in my database.

As a reward I'm offering following:

1.Once a month submission of your ad to over 500 directories including major
search engines.
2.Once  a month  your sponsor message in the digest.

To be registered send following info.
1. Your first and last name.
2. Your email address.
3. Your URL
4. What are the areas of your expertise.

Sending of this email is not a guaranty to be registered.

=================New Post  (3) =============

Subject: Free Hits to Your Site
From: (H & J)


I have a great way for everyone to bring traffic to your site for free!
Since I put up this page I have definately noticed an increase in
traffic.  Check Out   It's
easy and it's Free!

Howard Arzt
Get a Free Digital Cellphone and Free Airtime!

=================Guidelines for Request=============

To submit your site for review  follow guidelines

Request should contain following info.

1. URL of the site
2. Purpose of the site  (one sentence)
3. Name and email address of requestor
4. What kind of feedback is expected.

=================Request for Review  (1) =============

Subject: Advice on advertising 800 numbers
From: "Lewis Jackson" <>

I have a good service to offer customers (FREE advertising on The National
Direct Internet Yellow Pages) , but can't seem to get any interest. I've
tried posting to newsgroups, direct snail mailings, and even magnetic car
Despite the huge success others have had with this product, I can't seem
to get anywhere. But I know there must be an affective way to market a
product every should be interested in. And I would appreciate any helpful
suggestions to my website or to my 1-800-752-0810
ext 2 message. Your help is much appreciated.


Lewis Jackson

=================Request for Review  (2) =============

Subject:Your Website Review Offer
From: de <>

Good Morning Folk!

no mother bringing her doted on first-born was ever more nervous than I am,
bringing my just born Website for your scrutiny. So I grit my teeth and
clutch my Frontpage for Dummies and hope for the best! Here goes:

1. URL of the site

2. Purpose of the site  (one sentence)
Here you have all the tools for your Home Biz SUCCESS,some FREE, some
FOR SALW, all together in one friendly website.

3. Name and email address of requestor
    Viv Abbott.

4. What kind of feedback is expected.

Feedback from : I hope to use the website to build
up a strongly knit home biz community who interact, share, read and
advertise in my newsletter, 'HOME BIZ LIFELINE" and, of course, purchase
marketing tools and other goods from my Web. The Web is launched to-day (I
hope!!!) and i hope to add on a working EZINE Rack for readers and
advertisers, a FREE AD Page, where visitors can place their free-ads, and
finally a page of 'hot' URLS offering useful 'stuff' for the Home Biz
persons. I'm sourcing coffee  to create ambiance and to sell! I want to
build a real HOme Biz Superstore! Home Biz Superstore is a firm supporter
of the idea that web success follows from giving and helping others. All
the cool duds who have educated me this far will, i hope, have a place on
my site. A kind of extended family!

Viv Abbott,Editor "HOME BIZ LIFELINE" Are your running an Internet
Business? Then, you need to subscribe at the coolest  HOME BIZ SUPERSTORE
on the Web! Everything for your SUCCESS. You a NEWBIE? get FREE STARTER KIT
(a $149 value). No more searching all over the Net!  Tons and tons of the
EVERYTHING including valuable SPAM REPORT, all in one friendly place! Click
on now!.

==================Guest Article  ===================

From: Russ Swan <>

You are probably aware that some people seem to be able
to do quite well in network marketing, while others
struggle.  Why is this?  The answer is that it is all in
the correspondence.  I cannot over-emphasise the
importance of the way in which you go about corresponding
with your prospects.

The most important thing you have with your prospects is
your correspondence.  Just the words on the computer
screen.  They are all you have to convince people why
they should join your business or program.  Don't rely
on your webpage to do all the selling for you.  You
can't establish a rapport with anyone on a webpage.
It is simply a marketing tool.  Concentrate on using
your Email.

You are going to get people responding to your ads who
are waiting to hear from you about a way to make some
money on the internet.  They WANT to make money, and you
are offering them a way to make money.  You will be
sending them your Sales letter.  You will get
responses.  Sometimes a lot of responses, sometimes not
very much at all.  That depends on how good your ADS
are, but that's another story :)

Let me say right now that anytime you have a prospect
that has responded to one of your Sales letters with
even one question about your business, or the company,
or whatever, you must consider that person a HOT prospect
.... I'm not kidding!

Anyone that asks you even the most remote question,
deserves to have their own folder in your mail program.
Why...?  Because you will be in correspondence with that
person until they sign up.  You must be nice and sweet
and informative, but you must also be relentless.  Once
a prospect has asked even one question, consider him/her
a future member. Period.  And keep corresponding to that
person until they either sign up or indicate they are
not interested.

And don't worry about being accused of 'hounding'
people.   If they START the process then ignore you,
Then THAT is bad manners.  Keep asking until you get
an answer one way or another... yes or no (a maybe means
YES, keep talking! :)

People will ask you many different types of questions.
They will seem friendly, suspicious or hostile.
BREAKING 'THE DEAL'. Get it?  This is where you will
either lose the prospect, or sign the prospect up, or at
least get them on the road towards signing up.  It is in
this correspondence that you need to be impressive,
convincing, honest, motivating, and above all ......

Think about this.  Say you send off a letter asking
about 1/2 dozen questions or so about a particular
program.  Back comes the reply.  The answers are
completely insufficient and leaves you still wondering.
Would you bother to write back again or would you go
onto something else?  What if the letter was also short,
curt, loaded with grammatical errors and spelling
errors, and showed little personal rapport being built.
What if they simply referred you to a web-page?
Would you still write back?  Of course not!

Also In This "Dealing With Prospects" Series:
Part 2: Thoroughness, Manner of Writing, Honesty,
        Your Writing Objective & Simplicity.
Part 3: Grammer, Be Convincing, Keep In Touch
        & Dealing With Skeptics

Part 2 and 3  in next issue.

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     Thoroughly checked.  Easy to run.  Available internationally.
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