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                          Vol 1, Issue#5, June 11, 1998

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Moderator's comments...

Greetings to all fellow marketers.

We did not receive any post the last few days so I will try to spark
your thoughts with some comments and questions.
To post you need not have a question necessarily. You can start a
thread with some comments on a particular topic. With over 200
members now, I'm sure someone will comment with agreement,
disagreement or alternate solution or comment.

Based on the recent poll, we all operate on very tight budgets. Very
low budgets. To succeed we will need cooperative efforts, both free
and paid.
One of the things I did, as a desktop publisher, was producing
marketers groups of  business to business companies. Also did some
for opportunity marketers. Each of these participants would save from
60 - 90% on their efforts. This is with conventional direct mail.
I would be interested in hearing from any of you with  suggestions of
what kinds of cooperative efforts could be setup on the web.
Another poll indicator is that most of us are either selling a
product or service. Some were doing both. Those with b-to-b sales
could cooperate. Those with consumer sales could join forces. How and
to what extent, let's here from you.
Feel free to extend this to offline efforts as well. Your marketing
should not be solely directed on the internet, as least for most of
Every business site needs to have an opt-in list somewhere so that
those interested in what your site offers can sign up to receive
updates, new offers, specials. It is a means to stay in front of your
prospects. How are you gathering names? Do you feel your setup is
doing what you want it to do?
How many use the Channel feature of IE.4.0? This is a form of "push"
How many use Netscapes' Netconferencing feature? This is
only available on NS 4.0 communicator.

Let's here from you. Make a contribution, introduce yourself. How can
all of us help you succeed?
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Your Moderator,
David Bredeweg

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