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        Sponsor Message

        S i t e  R e v i e w  R e s p o n s e s

        From:              Michael Bryant <>
        Review           Will Ward (

        R e q u e s t    f o r  R e v i e w
        From:              <>

        N e w   P o s t s  (2)
        From:              "barry" <>
        Subject:          Free Online Service

        From:          Jim Hosking <>
        Subject:      Where is the best place to start a Store
                              Front and How?

        G u e s t   A r t i c l e
        From:   "Paul "the soarING" Siegel"

================Sponsor Message ========================

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=================Request for Review  (1) =============

From:             <>
Subject:         Site Review Request

I would like to submit my site for review.  Its a Christmas Site for
Kids where the profits benefit HOSPICE.  Please consider looking at

" ER.
html" > A SANTA LETTER !!</A>

=================Response for Reveiw (1) ===============
Hi Adland subscribers!

  This subscriptions site review is on WILL WARD's(
W L Diversified ( )

  Hi Will,
    I noticed right off the bat that you had your own domain but had
it redirected to 321 websites. While this is a free host provider I
cannot stress the importance of having your own website. In the case
of 321 website (and webjump), the way they create your site is by
frames and mini webs. When the search engine spider is sent to your
site to get the keywords and such you are stuck with their frame's
keywords and not your own. I admit that when I first came on the
internet I too used free hosts but got irritated the first time I
found my site listed with webjumps keywords. I'm sure I don't need to
tell you what kind of effect getting your own host (and keywords) will
do to your search engine ranking.
    I'll leave the free hosts alone and move on to your HTML. Not to
bad. I would suggest matching words in your title, description, and
keywords. Now, I'm not saying that all of the words should be the
same, they shouldn't. Just keep in mind that most search engines rank
sites by how often words appear in the sites content. Just don't go
overboard or you could find yourself out of the search engines all
   Want an easy way to speed up the loading of your site? Lose some of
the graphics or at least replace some of them with non-animated and
thus smaller file sizes. Those surfers flying through sites on their
(surfers high) will not wait for your site to load before moving on.
   Also some of the HTML from the listbot signup button is showing
through to your page.
   Place a <br> tab behind the "<img src" tag to put the text below
the banner.
   As to the actual business side of your site I would suggest listing
the opportunity, or opportunities, that you offer. You don't have to
go into detail just give them a reason to sign in and see more.
   My biggest suggestion would be to get a site that is completely
yours. It would be faster and easier to advertise and maintain.

  Hope that this helps! Good luck in your endeavors!

Michael Bryant
Max Host Productions

=================New Post  (2) =============

From:              "barry" <>
Subject:         Free Online Service


I have found a wonderful free online service called MyFreeOffice.
They provide free website hosting, free custom self-replicating
websites for any business you choose, free email, free opt-in email
advertising, and much more.   You can get your own online office by
going to:

Once you've set your office up, I'd be happy to show you how to take
full advantage of all that MyFreeOffice has to offer, including their
greatest feature, the ability to build your own Online Community.

Be Well-
From:         Jim Hosking <>
Subject:     Where is the best place to start a Store Front and How?

My name is Jim Hosking.  I have a friend that wants to start a store
front on
the net for his hand tied flies (fishing). I have created web pages on
Tripod before but I was wondering if any one had better Ideas on how
to proceed to help him set up is business on the net.  

==================Guest Article  ===================

From:     "Paul "the soarING" Siegel" <>

                          7 TIPS FOR PROMOTING YOUR SITE

The Internet is becoming more crowded. The need for the
right kind of promotion is becoming more urgent. The
followiong 7 tips should help you in getting visitors to your


Where is your area of interest and greatest ability? What
sort of people in what kind of circumstances can you
best help? These are your prospects. These are the
people whose learning needs you want to satisfy. You
may help them by creating a Learning Fountain: a
website that influences visitors by helping them learn.
There are 5 types of Learning Fountains:
  > Referrer - Directs visitor to useful sites
  > Informer - Presents information to help the visitor
  > Advisor - Offers visitor advice in a specific subject area
  > Context Provider - Presents the visitor the means for  
     solving his own problem (checklist, simulator, and       
     comparison charts have been used)
  > Learning-Community Stimulator - Tries to build a
     community to help visitors develop expertise


It's not enough to provide good intellectual nourishment.
The nourishment must also be presented in an appealing
way. Here are 6 factors for defining a "Learning Fountain":
  > Fast Loading - don't keep your visitor waiting
  > Visitor Centric - speak of your visitor's needs; not your
  > Learning Catalyst - instead of offering "content"
     present an environment for learning
  > Focused - stick to your knitting
  > Thorough - cover all aspects of your subject
  > Transaction enabling - make it easy, safe and secure
     to make a transaction can guide you in increasing the
     excellence of your site.


Ok. You have an excellent site. But how does anyone
know you're there? The first idea that comes to mind is
advertising. But you must remember that ads that work in
print publications, and on radio and TV, may not work on
the Internet. Make your ad informative and target it toward
those who may be interested in what you have to offer.
Informative news releases, again carefully targeted, are
excellent ways of spreading the word.


Visitors are eager to learn. You are eager to help them.
How do the two of you get together? There are many
ways. Here are but three:
   > Everytime you send an email message include your
      signature file. Think of this as your "business card",
      which directs your correspondent to your website
   > Describe your website and your services in search
      engines and directories
   > Exchange links, not with everyone, but with sites that
      are kindred to yours in some way.


Nobody knows who you are. They can't see you. They
can't talk to you. They have no idea whether what you
say is true or not. You must build confidence. You can
do this by making a name for yourself. Locate online
publications in your area of interest and write articles for
them. Join mailing lists and news groups and participate
in discussions. After some time, you'll be more than a
cipher, at least to people in these groups. They'll think of
you as a definite person with definite ideas. Confidence in
you will grow.


Be helpful. Ask for feedback, and then be helpful in your
reply. Talk ideas over with visitors, When participating in
forums and discussion groups, offer your expertise to
help others solve their problems. The Internet is more a
cooperative medium than a competitive one: Those who
cooperate are more likely to succeed than those who are
constantly competing.


Don't rush your visitor to the transaction page. Let him
partake of some of the intellectual nourishment first. Then
gently nudge him over to complete a transaction, which
you should make as brief and secure as possible.


Paul "the soarING" Siegel is an Internet consultant and 
trainer, specializing in business and marketing strategy.
You may join a new list on Business Strategy he is
moderating, called LearningFOUNT, by sending to the message
Subscribe LearningFOUNT
Live your vision,

Paul "the soarING" Siegel - Subscribe to LearningFOUNT
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