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          Kevin L. Polk, Ph.D.
              Creating Fun and Effective New Year's Resolutions

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============ Word from publisher =============
Hi everyone,

I'm back at home working at my restored computer finally.
Well, 1998 is just about gone and this will be the last issue and
today will be the last of a lot of things for 1998.
But it is also a time for reflection of what you tried to accomplish
this past year.
Based on what you determined, new goals, new plans to reach them
should be made so you will do better in 1999.
I wish all of you a great NEW YEAR and may it be the best ever for

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Rob Willmann

From:             Brian Disagree <>

Hey Adland site reviewers, here's my site for review, let me know what
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Brian Disagree, Editor/Webmaster.
Thought is a Crime Web-Zine!

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==================Guest Article  ===================
Kevin L. Polk, Ph.D.

              Creating Fun and Effective New Year's Resolutions

Like a lot of you out there, I am not that fond of hearing about New
Year's resolutions. Through the years the entertainment and news media
have mainly focused on things we enjoy doing but need to give up.
Smoking, drinking and eating come to mind. While quitting something
for health reasons is a good idea, let's face it, it's not fun to
think about giving up what we are good at doing. So I'm not going to
talk about quitting things. I am going to talk about doing more of the
things you like to do.
First thing, let's rename resolutions into goals. Goals are just so
much more fun than resolutions. I know of many people who think of
football and hockey goals at the same time they think of life goals.
Combining these thoughts helps give them happy, energetic feelings
about goals. (Okay, I admit it, I am one of those people and I find
it works for me.) The point is to try and put some happiness and
energy into your goals, however you go about doing it.
With that done, lets look at some goals that are easy to get
happy and energetic about. More than likely you did some things really
well last year; well make at least some of them goals to continue
doing next year. Just look back at last year and how you accomplished
getting those things done. Try and figure out how you did them day by
day, week by week or month by month. Now project what you did last
year across the New Year and there you have it, goals you know you can
accomplish because you did them last year. Now you may think I am
joking, but think about it. Are there good things that you enjoyed
doing in the past that you are sorry you gave up? Most of us have
them. So setting a goal of keeping up one, two or more good things you
did this year is a great goal for next year.
For example, maybe last year you spent more time with parents or your
children. Why not make it a goal to do that again? Maybe last year
you cut down on caffeine and started to sleep better. Again, that's a
great thing to do again next year. Just think of something healthy,
however small, and do it again next year.
Of course, like most people, you
probably have some goals that you have never reached, but have dreamed
about reaching. The first thing to do is to write those things down.
Magic happens when you write things down. Of course it is not magic,
it is simply that you are taking abstract thoughts from your brain and
turning them into concrete objects you can see, touch and read.
After you have one or more major life goals written down, why not
look at what you already do (remember those good things you did last
year) that will help you achieve those goals? This time figure out
how you can increase and/or improve doing them in a way that might
help you reach your dreams.
Finally, set this simple goal: "I will schedule
some time during every week of next year to think about how doing the
things I enjoy can help me achieve my dreams." Go ahead and write the
times in next year's schedule. You might just find your are a lot
closer to your dreams by December 31, 1999.
Happy New Year!

Kevin L. Polk, Ph.D. is a goal and time management coach, writer and
speaker. He can teach you the art of managing your time. For a FREE
subscription to his monthly "Time Saving Tips & Tricks" put SUBSCRIBE
in the BODY of an email to
Copyright Kevin L. Polk, Ph.D. (1998) All Rights Reserved.


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