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Member introduction - Curtis T. Dunn
Moderators' Comments.....
Hello David and Fellow List Members,
My name is Curtis T. Dunn, sometimes known as Orlafla.  I will try to
cover David's poll questions throughout this.  I don't really like
to think that I am even bothering to gather names,  I guess I like
doing things the hard way and advertising each new product or service
individually. I do keep copies of all email requests and orders and
sort them into the appropriate business.  So my email contact list is
starting to grow quite big.  For those of you who need to gather
names though, let me recommend   I
originally got into it to keep in touch with old college buddies, but
since they've added the autosynch feature my list in there has really
grown.  Autosynch, for those that don't know about it, will
automatically update your e-mail contact list and synchronize with
your PlanetAll contact list. As far as the push technology goes, the
only one I do use (and it is rarely on) is IE's Channels.  I
subscribe to SiteBuilder and usually turn the active desktop on maybe
once or twice a week to catch up on the latest there.
I have Netscape Conference, as well as IE's NetMeeting, Powwow and
ICQ, but only use them when a prospect requests to meet there.  I
usually prefer to use ZDNet's Virtual Places Chat for person to
person communication.
For those of you looking for a place to advertise, I have found my
best source to be the mailings.  I run a list there
called orlafla, in which all are invited to join and are free to
advertise any legal non-adult opportunities that you would like to
offer.  To subscribe to the list go to
Well I hope that answers all of David's questions.  I hope to see
more included in his next issue.


Welcome Curtis to the list and thanks for participating.
I have one question for you and others may answer as well. You
mention that you promote serveral items individually. You admit that
this is the hard way but isn't this duplicating a lot of tasks and
also increases cost when you pay for advertising.  Are these totally
different types of products so that you cannot market together?

Additional comments for list members:

In our recent poll only two respondents listed using banners. I'm
sure all of you probably tried but found them wanting, as I have.
In my case, I believe, my banners were not reaching the right niche
of my market. This holds true of reciprocal banners also. The problem
here is that they get buried on link pages. I shouldn't complain as
that is where I put their banners as well.
In searching the web for new ideas, marketing angles I came across
an MLM site that apparently has developed a banner exchange using the
Networking method where the payment is exposures. My additional hunch
is the sites participating are like most of ours, small, low budget,
and part time. The only other question you need to ask, do they need
my product or service.
So, banner exchanges might be a viable alternative here. Are any of
you familiar with this type or have used something like this? Would
you like to comment on any results. Is it better than the
conventional? The site, if you want to check it out, is at

You may also be interested in a relatively new search engine at

Speaking of search engines, I find them exasperating, to say the
least. There is no way anyone can maintain top relevancy.  To many
are joining, to many resubmit. It's a visious cycle. I did learn
something from all my troubles. Using keywords relevant to my site I
could never get much higher than the low hundreds. A couple of times
for individual items such as my forum and newsletter I got under a
hundred. Big deal, who looks that far, right?
BUT, in every case my site name appears first, has been first,
because no one else can use it for the time that I figured the out
and probably since I went on the web almost three years ago.
This leads me to only market brand or company name or registered site
name. Unfortunately, my first registered has no meaning for what I am
doing now. It was based on an old corporate name. It's one of those,
if I only knew then what I know now, things would be different. So
other names are site relevant.
After all that, here is the question. Would branding be successful
for a small sight?
How do you overcome the search engine frustration? Besides it boring,
even when it is only a few.
Should one spend such an inordinate amount of time on something that
may not help consistantly. That is, maintaining a high relevancy so
you get the traffic.
Do any of you use any software that not only tracks visitors but lets
you know the key words they used to get there, if from an engine?

In our recent poll, I omitted the reference to search engines. Not by
design, but probably thought it a given. No one added the category.
Is it a given, but you are not as concerned, in relation to other
ways to generate relevant traffic?

Is that enough fodder, or what?
Waiting to hear from you.
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