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                          Vol 1, #7, June 25, 1998
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Adam Beecher - < mailto:>    - referral logs
Dan Ferrell -  < mailto:> - Writing Ads
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Moderators' Comments:

I want to take a few lines to welcome all those who have joined in
the last week. We should be just over 500 total subscribers by now.
We're glad you are with us and we hope that you will be too.  Lurk
for awhile, get a grasp on the threads and then join in the
Most of us are part-timers, thus we need to work at our real jobs in
the daytime and work in our other job at night. Well, it seems that
got the best of me last week. I'll still swear I sent an issue out
last weekend, late at night of course, but all the evidence point to
the fact, I did not. The only conclusion I can come to is that I had
a near-life perfect dream.
If any of you have proof otherwise, send me a copy of #7, not this
Another aspect of our earlier poll indicated that most of us are
operating at a zero or near zero budget for advertising and
promotion, whether offline or online. Since we are not using the most
conventional advertising methods, due to cost, what other ways are
you using that are free or nearly free.  Cooperative methods of
various kinds have been used to cut costs. The web provides several
ways to do this free. One is this discussion lists, another is email
newsletters, forums, ad exchanges,and  barter.
Have these been effective for you?
Are there any others that I may have missed?
Are there some others that we can create, either via this list? Can
we use this list for more than the norm?
Can we make any improvements to the Adland Classifieds that better
benefit members of this list? Bogdan can chime in here too.

So much for my 02.

Adam Beecher:    "The Hamster" mailto:>
Subject:          Re:  Server statistics...

To be honest, I'm not too sure how I got subscribed to this list, but
I'm not particularly worried, you never know, I might learn something!
You asked if anyone knew of any software that not only tracks
visitors but lets you know the key words they used to get there from
an engine.  Well, I think that no matter what software you use, you'll
never get exactly the results you want or, more importantly,
understand.  I am running my site on a virtual server (who isn't these
days? :o) with Hiway Technologies and they offer a number of options
for checking stats.  My favoured option is MK Stats, which as you
probably know is on online version with a pretty disgusting display,
but I find it the easiest to understand (being an amateur!).  Recently
they offered Virtual Web Trends ( free as
another option.  I tried this but didn't like it as you have to
download the raw logs and then wait for it to sort them.  However
since it does give a mine of information for checking your stats and
pulls more information than I thought conceivable from the server, I
think I will have to get patient and organised and go back to using
it. Web Trends would probably be the best option if you want to check
items such as keywords, etc.  Reports are generated as .htm files for
easy browsing.  I have tacked on a list of the options it offers.
You'll notice that it gives keywords and also keywords associated with
search engines.  Personally I still find that a quick trawl through
the most accessed pages in the raw referrer log every couple of days
helps a lot.

General Statistics
Most Requested Pages
Least Requested Pages
Top Entry Pages
Top Exit Pages
Single Access Pages
Top Paths Through Site
Most Downloaded Files
Most Submitted Forms
Most Active Organizations
Top Authenticated Users
Most Active Countries
Summary of Activity by Day
Activity Level by Day of Week
Activity Level by Hour
Technical Statistics
Forms Submitted By Users
Client Errors
Server Errors
Most Downloaded File Types
Organization Breakdown
North American States
Most Active Cities
Most Accessed Directories
Top Referring Sites
Top Referring URLs
Top Search Engines
Top Search Keywords
Most Used Browsers
Netscape Browsers
Microsoft Explorer Browsers
Visiting Spiders
Most Used Platforms

Take it handy,
Adam Beecher, aka The Hamster
ICQ: 6722205
Phone & Fax:  +353 (0)21 292250
Mobile: +353 (0)86 2529887
ieWebServices, Box 81 Eglinton Street, Cork, IRELAND

Moderator, Welcome to Adlands' Digest, it's great to have you on
board. I particularly like the word "trawl",  a very descriptive
Dan Farrell          "Horizons Unlimited"
Subject Writing ads - Appealing to Masses

Many Networkers email ads are designed to appeal to no one but the
lonely and desperate. The sender thinks that a two page email ad will
have so much information that the reader will only be able to buy!

The email message needs to be short, no longer than  a short paragraph
and hard hitting. Not a rambling, disjointed missive that no one but
the above lonely heart reads!

So, be brief, giving the reader a compelling reason to read the ad,
and close with a link to an URL or an email address.

Dan Farrell
"Some people dream of success.... while others wake up and work hard
at it" *************************** Marketing Secrets, Tips...

Moderators' 02:
Good info Dan, this is another area many who can't pay for the
service attempt to do it themselves and fail miserbly until they
learn the skill. What did it cost to fail? Or, maybe, what did it
cost to learn? That's a positive spin!
Waiting to here from You!

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