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                          Vol 1, #8, June 26, 1998
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Bob Cortez   -   Introduction and Responses to Digest #7
John Colanzi  -   Re: Advertising Methods
Ronit Le Mon   -   Re: Comments to Digest  #7
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From:             "Bob Cortez" <>
Subject:          Introduction and Responses to Digest #7

Greetings All,

I just received my first digest and being the sort that likes to
just jump in I would like to first introduce myself and then
respond to a couple of posts.

I am a consultant to home and small businesses desiring to start
or expand their online business.  I have been self employed in
sales and marketing for 20 years.  I'll let my sig file direct you to
my site if you want to know more about me or my services.

Our Esteemed Moderator David Bredeweg wrote:

The web provides several ways to do this free. One is this
discussion lists, another is email newsletters, forums, ad
exchanges, and  barter.
Have these been effective for you? Are there any others that I may
have missed? Are there some others that we can create, either via this
list? Can we use this list for more than the norm? </snip>

A couple others that I have used and recommend (on and off line)
are Press Releases and articles.  You can submit your press
release at Free.  Write an informative
article (not a long ad) and newsletters will distribute it for
you.  You can search for newsletters appropriate for your article at  Many communities have classified papers that
will also run your article.

Adam Beecher:    "The Hamster">

You asked if anyone knew of any software that not only tracks
visitors but lets you know the key words they used to get there
from an engine.

A FREE online service that does this can be found at

Dan Farrell  "Horizons Unlimited"

So, be brief, giving the reader a compelling reason to read the
and close with a link to an URL or an email address.

Some additional tips.

1) Pay careful attention to your Headline, the subject line. Don't use
ALL CAPS or symbols $,!,#,* 2) Test and measure your headlines and ad
copy, separately and in different combinations. 3) Identify no more
than 3 key benefits to your prospect why they should respond now. 4)
Use short descriptive sentences.  Numbers or bullets. 5) Give them
multiple ways to respond. email, url, phone, snail mail, auto
responder. 6) Use PS to make them a special offer if they Act NOW!!

I look forward to hearing more from each of you and wish you all
the best of success in all your endeavors.

Bob Cortez
Total Quality Marketing
At Home Business Resources
Your All Help-No Hype Home Business Resource
Moderated Home Business Discussion List

Moderators' 02:
Great to have you and your experience with our list, Bob. I hope the
experience and learning will be mutual. Excellent suggestions.
Just some pointers for those who are lurking, newbies, and others, an
excellent example of a good post.  Might also suggest to readers to
subscribe to Bobs' list,  you'll find info in a good example of a 
sig line.
Moderator on soap box:
I have one more idea to add to free methods,  though not exactly free
but definitely a possibility. It's not mine idea, I got it from LE
Digest. Someone mentioned sharing a website. This was in response to
the lack of acceptance of the free sites by search engines and  ISPs.
Even with my low budget I never considered getting my own domain a
very big expense or obstacle. But many do. If so, I would solicit
comments on this idea from those who think that they might be
interested and whether it is even feasible. I am currently writing up
a plan of action which I will post in a later issue that you can get
by autoresponder.
>From :  John Colanzi  <>
Subject:   Re: Advertising Methods

You asked about low cost and free ways to advertise.I've just started
to advertise in co-publishable mail order magazines.After placing my
first ad I get future ads at a 50% discount and get paid 50% for any
ads I sell.That means for every ad I sell I can either take the 50% or
place my ad with the money.This in essence gives me free ads.

John Colanzi Editor TNP Marketing Letter
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From:    Ronit Le Mon    <>
Subject:          Re: Comments to   Adlands' Digest  #7

We have had  great luck using discussion groups for 'zines and
magazines on the Internet that are in our field.  We just include our
signature in the postings.  I have been placing ads in free
classifieds but so far I have not seen one person come from any of
these sites.

Ronit Le Mon
Writing Consultant
"Where everyone learns to write"
Let's here from you......

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