Adland Digest is a place to discuss issues regarding advertising and promotion for small business on the Internet. This mailing list is moderated and distributed in form of digest. Subscribers of the Adland mailing list are expected to follow basic rules in a civilized manner.
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To be an effective discussion list we need to operate by some standard guidelines which are the following:
To discuss and focus on ways to implement advertising and promotion
of our businesses on the web. Concentrating on benefiting small
We will operate from digest format.
*No overt advertising will be allowed. That's for the classified site.
*Must be relevant to web marketing.
*Must not be an obvious self-promotion of your site or service
*Should have a signature line not longer than five lines
*Should not be merely an invitation for listmembers to visit your Web site

With that we invite all of you to participate, to contribute by helping and but also posting your problems, opinions, questions, concerns. Don't be afraid to post. don't be just a lurker. There are benefits to making yourself visible. This is your forum, make good use of it, we all will be stronger because of your participation.

How to post

You may post to the list by accessing this link.

How to subscribe or unsubscribe

Adland Digest is published every 4-6  days.

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