From: "Sharon Evans" <>
Subject: Sucess Story

Almost a year ago I gathered up the courage to venture out on the
Internet.  Scared!  Clueless and lost all the time.  Looking back, I
remember the days when I didn't know how to get from here to there and
back again.Some how I found Ad Lands.  Don't ask me how, I just did!
In the beginning I searched the world over to find a business that would
bring the cash cow home.  I looked at network marketing, affiliate
programs, the click through banner things, Giving away Free websites.
You name it I most likely have looked at it.  Anything to be able to
work on the net.
However I kept coming up empty handed.  This is just great, thinking to
myself, I finally have the world at my finger tips and I still couldn't
find that one thing, I just knew would be it, if only I could figure out
what "IT" was!
Over time I started to pick up on things about websites.  I would take
note of what made me stay at a site and why I would just surf on out.  I
started to notice that many websites are headed in many different
directions with out a clue.  Little did I know what was happening while
I was studying this occurrence. I also noticed that businesses are
struggling with blending their out side business to work with their
inside business.
Along my journey I discovered Chat.  For a chatter box like myself, this
was like striking gold.  I looked at chat as a way to  build up an on
line following for what I had not yet a clue.  Sure enough that is what
Christmas came 2 days early.  One night while chatting away, this one
person was determine to chat with me.  I didn't know them from Adam.  I
tried to dart any conversion with this person in fear they were a wacko.
And yes you do come across them in a chat room.  This person was so
determine to prove to me they weren't a wacko,  they invited me to take
a look at their site and to get back to them and tell them want I think.
Lesson number one don't ask me what I think because you may not get the
answer you are looking for.

This website was a nightmare.  A mess!  They needed help.  Big time.
Not over the tech part but the way it was going in too many directions
and unorganized.
I sent my "analysis" of their site and I did tell them it was a
nightmare.  I offered to help them out a little. No charge etc.  After
all I wasn't doing anything at the moment why not help some one out who
really needs it.  (that's the mom in me)

Because the site was that bad I never really took the time to learn
about who I was working with.  After 2 weeks of time I asked for an info
packet on their services.  To my complete surprise they are an EMMY
AWARD WINNING ANIMATION STUDIO.  They have worked on some little
projects like Tiny Toons Adventures, Animanics, Taz Mania, Pinky & The
Brain and the list goes on and on.
I about dropped dead on the floor.
It took almost all of January just to get the concepts and plans all
work out.  Not ready for prime time promoting, I started to link their
site to free link pages.
Remember how this started out as just a little help project?  Today I am
please to announce I am their website rep.  I earn a commission on any
work that comes in from their website.
After just 3 weeks of using free links a  cartoon series work order came
in.  Not just some little series but a $250,000 cartoon.   This is
beyond any thing that even my mind could ever cook up alone.

Did this all happen over night you may ask?  NO.  In the outside world
of business I have had many failures and learning adventures in selling
promoting and marketing.  I bring 15 years of marketing and selling and
promoting experience to the net.  I just finally took everything and
bottled it up into a neat little package for the net and found the
prefect fit.
Be my guest at our: Pre Grand Opening invitation.  If you would like to
visit The World Of Cartoon Stars please be advised our grand opening is
set for March 1st.  We still have some final touches to add.  But you
will enjoy learning about this studio at now!

I do not have my own website because I work with my clients website.  If
you would like a free website analysis done just e-mail.
with your website address.

So there is my journey to success.  Hope you enjoyed it and I wish you
the best.