From: "Robert Lee" <>

Dear Bogdan,
This is not as much a success story as a dream realization.

Way back in June 1998 (centuries in internet time) I joined my first
affiliate program, One & Only Internet Personals. The next month I received
my first commission cheque for US$7.48! I was hooked.
I had been building web pages for about 8 months at this time and it had
never occurred to me that I could make money doing what I really enjoyed,
which was just putting on the web stuff for people to read and see. My first
site is still up at <> if anyone wants to
take a look. It quickly became an organized hodgepodge of pages and stuff to
see for my visitors. And this is the place where I made my first sale.
I like my off-line job, but I treat my on-line job like work as well. I have
a goal to make my Internet business my way of life and stop having to rely
on following someone else’s rules for work and career.
Blindly I joined every affiliate program that promised Internet riches,
wealth that I could only dream about. For the most part it was only a dream,
I had no goal to promote any single service that I had joined, I just wanted
to wait and cash those cheques.
Yes, I was a gullible newbie with high hopes.
My turn-around came from something that I read - subscribe to every
newsletter you can find that says it will tell you want you need to know.
Read it. Read them all. If I like it, keep the subscription, if I don’t,
unsubscribe and find another newsletter to take its place.
I found that my goal had to work with what I wanted to sell and what I
wanted to sell had to be targeted to an audience of people that wanted to
Blindly gaining traffic only brought unique visitors and not people that
wanted what I had to give them.
I realized that to make it easier for search engines to find me and for
visitors to remember me I needed my own domain.
I carefully weighed the costs of running a website and promoting it against
the income that I had reached for my on-line work which was then at approx
US$200.00 per month.
Taking the plunge was a calculated risk, no one likes to spend money on
virtual items, you need something tangible to be able to effectively rate
its value. Could I find that value on-line?
aLoveLinksPlus was born in late March 1999. Growth for my website has been
slow and steady. Every month shows more visitors, more revenue and more time
for upkeep and promotion needed.
It is now easier to resist the “money-hungry demon” inside of me and
remember my goals - keeping my website of the highest possible quality,
promote to a targeted audience and work with my visitors and companies that
I am affiliated with.
I may not be the savviest web designer, or the best on-line promoter, but I
do have a happy audience, a grateful group of companies working with me, and
a goal that is coming closer and closer to realization.
I am amazed at the sheer number of people that my work has had an effect
on. I actually change people’s lives!
I don’t sell anything personally. I don’t try to convince someone of any one
thing. I reach a targeted audience and provide to them the information that
they just can’t get anywhere else.
I offer help and kind words to those that ask me. I willingly offer what I
have learned with no strings attached.
My website is now at more than 24,000 unique visitors a month, which is
pretty good in such a tough area as on-line dating. But the value of these
visitors is twice what the number says because each and every person
visiting comes looking for what I am offering them.
No gimmicks, no false promises. Honest opinions of dating services so they
can meet that special someone and change their life for the better! Revenue
is now topping US$1000.00 a month.
I do not list only revenue generating dating services, I list all services
that I would be pleased to join myself.
I believe that I will be working at home, on-line only, within one year from
My advice for all of the hopeful on-line entrepreneurs out there is this:
Target yourself. Define your goal. Learn all you can about your subject and
apply yourself to its promotion in a targeted way.
Remember that the driving force of the Internet is the free flow of
information, regardless of what you are selling or promoting or displaying
to the Internet community at large.
I wish everyone at Adland’s success for the New Year and the years to come.
I want to openly thank my future wife Sheila for her help, inspiration and
willingness to put up with me.


Robert Lee
Thank You For Choosing
As Your Dating Service Directory