From: Melanie Kozik   <WEBMASTER45@THEGLOBE.COM>

  Hi Everyone... I don't like to blow my own horn ...but I got to
thinking that perhaps my story might be of benefit to some readers
rather than simply entering to win.
So, I respectfully submit this as a *success story* for the year.

When I launched my internet career in 1998, little did I realize what
it would evolve into nor where the greatest of *gold* would come
from.  I feel this year I have truly succeeded.

There has been a lot of talk about what the best marketing tactics
are; emotional versing logical, teaching versing benefits, etc.  What
I have done is undoubtedly mixed in there I suppose, but I consider
it giving and I'm giving with a glad heart.  Making someone's life
better makes me feel really useful.

I began by marketing a software program some months back,one
of many I have marketed .  But this one was different and I decided
that in order to sell it effectively, I needed to use it and become
proficient at it.  (I like to know the products I sell insideout.)  As I
began doing just that - I realized the tremendous potential that it
had in one particular direction...a direction that hit home for me.
(You can read why at my website in the *free search* area.)

So I began to *test it out* by offering people who needed this
particular service a *freebee*.  Now, this freebee is PERSONAL,
okay? and it requires work on my part... I had NO idea how it would
be received...I had NO idea that I would receive up to 50 to 80
requests per day for help...but I did and still am!

So...I help the people who write to me for free (the ones who are
sincere) but at the same time a lot of these folks purchase the
product I sell so I make decent money at the same time.  I look at
it like I am really *working* for the money that is so easily made via
this software and at the same time the *gold* I am receiving are
notes such as these:

"Dearest Ms. Melanie,
       not sure if you got this message yesterday, we were in the
mist of a bad thunder storm, any way i'ed
wish to tell you that i pray GOD bless you to the fullest,the XXXX
you sent me re:XXXXX
the main one XXXXXX HAS RESPONDED!!!

dear lady if i had gone to a regular charging XX, i would most surely
be much poorer than i am now. once again THANK YOU EVER SO

I don't know if all of this makes much sense without telling you
what exactly I am doing, but I truly hope it does! :}  I get to really
HELP people and it has rather become my *mission in life*.  I am
also learning strategies and concepts which I will be able to use
continually through my life and have just secured my own domain
which I will be soon using to continue my work.

I feel all the money aside, that the *gold* I am earning is far more
valuable...and I have been brought to tears by some of the emails I
receive.  Yes, I don't have a "regular" job, so I can give this most of
my attention.   It ever worth every minute I spend helping people.

If you need my help, all you have to do is ask.

Melanie Kozik
Investigative Resources
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