From: Ward Dougherty <>
Subject: Sucess Story

Thanks for taking time to read this. My Product is Glasses Float, which is a
lanyard with a trendy float that attaches to the ear pieces of your glasses
and sunglasses, so when they fall into the Lake or Ocean they will FLOAT,
not sink, untill they can be retrieved.  I invented Glasses Float from the
old saying "Necessity is the Mother of Invention". My family and I
bought a condo at Pleasant Place at Buchanan's Resort on Kentucky
Lake,  about 15 minutes east of our house in Paris, Tennessee, in
1993. During that first summer, my family, alone, lost reading glasses,
sunglasses, prescription glasses , etc. to the bottom of good ole Kentucky
Lake. The same was the case of our friends, new acquaintances, etc.
We looked for, and tried, different lanyards, other products that were
supposed to float your glassses, but would only hold up lighter glasses.......
I discussed the problem with many people that summer, and got the
same basic answer, " I wish I had $1.00 for every pair of glasses lost
to the bottom of Kentucky Lake, alone."

To make a long story short, I invented Glasses Float, and started marketing
them May, 1994. I did all the marketing primarily myself, and only part time,
as I had a full time job as well as other responsibilities. But there was a
need  in the market place for Glasses Float, and I was anxious to build it.
I slowly started building my sales from nothing to a decent level, for part
time marketing  efforts. I then decided that it was time, after four years of
growth, as well as  being affordable, in our Glasses Float budget, to get our
own Glasses Float Website on the internet. We ventured out May of 1998 with and I will make another story short. The Website
has increased our first ten months of sales, on the internet, 900% over what
we had been able to do ourselves the first four (4) years alone, and on a
part  time basis.

The Internet is a fantastic medium for many kinds of businesses to reach
out to that almost unreachable "Market Place". Whether it be our situation
or anybody's, the Internet is, and will continue ( as it expotentally grows )
to be that unique medium to have a home business, to a multi-million dollar
company, and be able to have a very unique and effective "Marketing Tool".

Many things have really made an impression on me these past ten months with
our Website Internet Business. First, the Internet is like anything else in
"It Take Hard Work, And Many Hours" to build your Internet business. Also,
I have been so amazed that I have met so many fantastic people in my journey,
these past ten months, in building Glasses Float Website. In fact, if it
hadn't been for so many fantastic people that we have come across, and the
basic attitude of the majority.......I will help you, we wouldn't have made it
near as far  as we have been able to these past ten months.

We invite everyone to visit our Website at
if only to say a friendly, Hi.


President Dougherty Enterprises