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     About Adland Digest Success Story of the Year - 1999

  1. Welcome to the Internet
  2. The Birth of a Website
  3. Animation Studio
  4. My product is Glasses Float
  5. I have secured myself a full time job
  6. Story of a successful survival.
  7. Cartel de Castilla
  8. I expect to be making a very good wage within six months
  9. Investment of $400 returns  about 2330%
  10. I am the representative for Columbia, TN Community website
  11. True  Story - Shorten Your Steps to Success!
  12. I feel this year I have truly succeeded
  13. Top Ranked
  14. What is CSA?
  15. Why don't I open a lotto game?
  16. From Rags to Riches. ….Really
  17. Dream Realization
  18. The CHI MaCHIne