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From: "Patricia O'Dell" <>
Subject: Adland Digest is the best

Hello everyone,
The first thing I would like to say is that Adland Digest has been a
wonderful learning tool for me.  I am a complete novice at everything
computer and internet but like everyone else I wanted a peice of the pie.
So I set out to learn all I could.  I have tried many things recommended by
many gurus and paid for a few marketing courses, only to learn that the
information they sold me was freely available on the net.

This was a hard lesson for me as I am disabled and live on a small pension.
I have learned more from following Adland Digest links and reading posted
comments than almost any other way I have tried.

From: Vincent Caldwell <>
First, let me begin by telling you what a great E-zine you put out, I
honestly look forward to reading each issue.


From: Penny Widell <>
Great digest I learn alot from this list and the members are great for
answering questions. Thanks to everyone.


From: Bertha Henry <>
I have been getting Aland for about a month now but hadn't really been
reading all of it till the last two I got. I really had been missing
alot(glad I saved them all in a folder). This has been a great source for me
in the last few weeks. And really saves alot of time on searching for the
things I was spending hours a day searching for before.


FROM: Joseph Jobst <>

As a companion to your Digest from the early days, and as a
contributor in those earlier days too, I wanted to congratulate you
on becoming one of the most successfully Digest on the Web!

All the best!
Joseph Jobst
josconNetworks Inc

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From: Vildan Albert <>
This is the first time I received this digest and I will stay with it!



From: Ward Dougherty <>
Thank you for including my article on My Interesting Success Story
in your Adlands Digest #90 4/28/99. It is people like you, who truly help
other people like me,  to overall make the Internet Medium a great way
for so many people to have a chance at the American Dream.That is
(secretly sometimes) to have the opportunity to "Have Your Own Business"

Keep up the good work, as we need more like you, and success with your
tremendous News Letter!


From: Linda Caroll <>
As a note to Bogdan; I thoroughly enjoy your ezine and look
forward to each issue.  It is wonderful to see a fellow Canadian
having such a positive effect on the Internet as a whole!


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From: Laurie Delk
This is FOR SURE the BEST newsletter! Lately I have gotten SO busy-this is the
ONLY one I read!



From: Dave Starling
I would like to congratulate you on a successful site and the #1
newsletter on the net.


From: UK Jerry <>
I gotta admit, I am really getting into this digest. IMHO it's becoming one
of the best posting lists on the web, & believe me I "was" on a few...


From: Libby Sinclair
I am a subscriber to your newsletter and an Adland
affiliate. You do a fantastic job. I'm always
impressed with the information I get from your

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From: Terri <
Your newsletter keeps getting better all the time, Bogdan!  Of all the (many)
newsletters I get each day, yours gets read first!

D. Brett <>
First of all I want to say a great big Thank YOU! I subscribe to many
business/marketing lists, and this is, by far, the most useful and
It's the only one I read from start to finish.


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From: Steve Doherty <>
Hi Bogdan,
I have subscribed to Adlands Digest for a couple of weeks and although
fairly new to Internet marketing I am impressed with the quality of
content- so impressed that I save all editions in an Adlands folder for

From: John Assante
....It also made me realize how important Adland Digest is: "You give the
people the opportunity to ask other people for help." And they really
respond! Why? Because everyone needs help in something, ....


From: Sam Mackintosh
Dear Bogdan-

Thanks for running such a great digest. I'm a relatively new subscriber a
nd am finding it to be useful and informative


From: "Paul Penafiel" <>
I am a newbie to internet marketing and have found your logo absolutely
valuable as well as your monthly digest extremely valuable



From: "Susan Nichols"
..By the way Bogdon, I love your newsletter. Great stuff.
Susan Nichols

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