From: Tim Sanders

Part I

Hello Bogdan & AdLand Readers

I wanted to share my small success story with everyone. I posted my web page in
May of this year, When it was close to being done, I submitted it to your
readers for a site review. The single review I got was bad to say the least!
I went back to the drawing board and redesigned my site. At the same time I
buying and reading different courses, Cookie Cutter, Make Your Site Sell,
I subscribed to several newsletters and began to see a pattern of advice grow
all of things I was reading. I decided to write my own course and called  it
CSA. I spent almost 200 hours writing it and still update and add to it almost
daily. While I was writing, I decided to promote and pre-sign members, I did
this for 3 weeks.

Back in May I joined Six Figure Income and was very happy with the results that
I saw as a member. So I designed CSA as a FREE promotion to use to help build my
SFI downline. In it's first week, (it is now 10 days old) I signed 4 new
Affiliates and 2 new Members to my SFI powerline. Considering that my page
averages only 33 hits a day, I felt these results were extraordinary! Including
the pre-sign period I have had 103 people opt-in for the info on CSA which is
delivered via Autoresponder, this is 11% of the recorded page views for the same
period. I gave everyone that pre-signed a FREE membership to help get things
going. I created an original banner and submitted it to several banner exchanges
and placed ads in several classified sites including AdLand (which is listed
first and best in CSA).

Following the same advice, outlined in CSA, my original site, TLS Speakers at:  is now seeing hits from search engines and
has tripled it's page views for this month (already over 1000).

After investing many hours and several $$$, I am very happy with the results
that CSA has achieved in these first few days. I am truly looking forward to
seeing where it will go! Below is a portion of one of the autoresponder messages
describing CSA in more detail.

What is CSA?

It's many things, but mostly it is a promotional tool
to be used as a free gift to get people to join your
favorite offers.

I offered you a FREE CSA membership if you would become a
FREE SFI Affiliate by going here:

Once you become a FREE CSA member you can then give CSA
memberships away to promote your favorite offers.

CSA contains:
Web Design Tips
Web Promotion Tips
Search Engine Tips
Motivation and Inspiration Tips
Step by Step Instructions on
how to build a Internet Income
of up to $20,000 a month
Small Business Tax Deductions (US Residents)
A Free Newsletter
with FREE advertising for members!
A WebRing, Exclusive to CSA members!

Interested Readers can get more opt-in info by going to:

Thank you Bogdan for the Success Story Forum
Tim Sanders


Part II


Hello Bogdan and Fellow AdLand Readers

I wanted to update my entry in the AdLand success story contest, "What is CSA"
I now have 3 successful Internet operations, The first is my TLS Speakers site
offering info on home consumer electronics and soon to come plans to build a stereo
speaker I designed. It gets an average of 350 hits a day and I have had over 80
people opt-in for the speaker plans in the last 3 months. This site ranks in the top
10 at several major search engines for several keywords and upon seeing the info in a
recent AdLands Digest about I joined and am now a Top Ranked Expert in
my field. The second, my Common Sense Approach, CSA for Life web site. A web based
design and marketing course that I wrote explaining how I successfully created the
first site, where I charge $24.95 for a lifetime membership and have an established
affiliate program that pays a 95% commission (affiliates made 12 sales just last
week) and Third, my new Rainbow program that is a replicating web site that offers
participation in an MLM style business selling CSA for Life Advertising Services.
Just launched last Monday. To properly illustrate my continued success on the web, I
would like to share the following excerpt from this weeks CSA Newsletter and have you
ad this letter to my "What is CSA" success page in the contest. Here is the

But first I want to share a story with you, a Christmas story, after all Christmas is
just around the corner :~) and we are starting to see lights and trees and
inspirational TV shows. This is a story that inspires! A story that shows that the
world shares the Christmas spirit. And that our still small CSA community has reached
it's simple goal to set an Internet example for all to succeed and live by.

The Rainbow launch went well and kept me busy all last week, then Sat. I got an email
from one of the pre-launch sign ups,,, Joyce. The day after Thanksgiving she received
word that her Father had cancer and was given 2 weeks to 6 months to live. She told
me that she would not be able to participate in the Rainbow program and wished us all
well. I was deeply touched by this! I lost my Father many years ago and the painful
memory swelled up inside me. I thought, what can I do?

It came to me, I can pay for Joyce to participate and I can take care of her
promotions while she tends to her family. Then I thought, I could give her a better
position in the matrix so she could cycle earlier, but I need the Rainbow members
consent to do this. I started to write the email message to ask for their consent. As
I wrote it, I thought how wonderful it would be if Joyce and her family could know
that they were in all of our prayers and I asked that everyone send me an email
message for Joyce. I even asked that her sponsor give up his bonus and he did! The
emails flooded in from all corners of the world and the response was incredible! I
cried as I watched them come and read them, it was the best Christmas present I had
ever given and it felt wonderful. I watched as the CSA community, I saw once as dream
and a concept, became a reality. I saw hope and joy and the Christmas spirit. Not one
single negative response, offers from people I don't know to help someone in need
that they don't know. It simply does not get better than that!

This morning I received an email from Joyce, Overwhelmed, crying and thankful. I
wept, with a feeling that rushed through me so overwhelming I can't even explain it.
I couldn't wait to share it with those that had given of themselves so freely to help
one of their own. I compiled an email that contained all of the responses and ended
it with the Thank you message from Joyce and titled it "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
and sent it out this morning. If you were not on the list and would like to read and
share in this wonderful and inspiring event send me an email and simply ask for a
copy of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and I will send it to you.

Some people measure success with money and others with accomplishments, This weekend
I was truely blessed to watch an idea come to life, a dream become a reality and a
concept become an act of unselfish giving. There truely is no greater measure for
success than this!!! As I am handling Joyce's promotion, I am giving you the link to
her Rainbow site to check out. If you are interested in participating please join
under Joyce.

AOL users <A HREF=">Click Here</A>

Thank you Bogdan and Readers

Tim Sanders
TLS Speakers
CSA for Life
Rainbow-Power Cash Plus!