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Vol. 1 issue #2 Mar 9, 2002


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Is the Internet Still Free?
Copyright 2002, By James Pendleton 



The title of this article has a lot of meaning. It asked the
question of: "Is the net still free?" Well if one looks around
the net at first glance. I would think the answer would be no!

Everywhere you look there is buy this buy that. E-commerce abounds.
It is also a fact that there are literally millions upon  millions
of dollars being spent right now as your read this article. The
potential is mind boggling. Estimated trillions of dollars to be
spent and made on the net in the up coming years.

Companies and corporations are scrambling to put up functional
e-commerce sites to sell their products. They know if they have a
good product a secure server connection and merchant account to
handle transactions. They are good to go. Their hit counter will
take off and they can take orders and begin shipping their product
and generate revenue.

This is the picture from the view of the big boys. Those
having big money to invest on development. Web design programming,
data base management and all the other aspects of setting up a
good web site. They hire webmasters and programmers to get the job
done. This is how it's done in the most simplest terms.

Well what about the little guy? The mom and pop company that
wants to build a web presence. How about the single individual
that wants to get a foot hold on the web. Having a desire for
a web site. Even of just a personal home page. Or information web
site. Where do they turn? How do they do it?

As They look around at the cost of web design. First they see fees
that are in the hundreds of dollars for just a simple web page.
In the thousands of dollars for complex sites. Then they see more
fees for hosting their web site. The need to pay for a home for their
domain name to be accessed on the web.

I am a domain host myself but still send potential clients to
the free route first! A way for them to get their feet wet before
investing their hard earned money in hosting fees. Why do I do this
and loose a sale? I am a internet surfer of old. I remember the web
the way it was. I exist on the web in the spirit of old. Despite of
having my own presence with full hosting solutions available at
http://jgptophost.com !

Sure everyone pays for hosting sooner or later. It is a must if one is to
actually build a strong presence on the web. However finding free hosting first is the best for the new comer. It can let you know what you are actually getting into.

When I got serious about the web after surfing 10 years. I came with
this slogan. If it is not free I do not need it! This mental state paid
off for me big time! Saved me lots of money in to many areas to mention in this article. If you are new to the web. Remember my slogan. If it is not free I don't need it. It will pay off for you too in the long run.

Are all the little guys destined to pay? How can this be?
What happened to the internet of old. Starting from a few computers
in some obscure government complex. Then expanding to a few Universities.
Being used to freely share information between computers. Then exploding into the World Wide Web. Free information and content every where. Pay? Pay for content? Pay for design? The concept of paying for something was unheard of back in those days. HTML standards started by Netscape were not complex. Dry pages of plain text. Friends would build web pages and sites as a common courtesy. Friends sharing with friends. :)

Slowly the pioneers of the web and entrepreneurs saw the all mighty
dollar. The web began a rapid growth and change. Turning into
what we have to day. I put the question again. Is it free? My
response. Sure it is! The trick is knowing how to find what is free.
Knowing where to look.

If one can master knowing where to look. One can find free abundant
content and material. Every thing you can imagine is still out
here free on the WWW. The hard part is finding it.

So getting back to what does the little person do when he or she
wants to begin a web site and or presence? Gain a foot hold?
Do they need to pay? I think not!

There is everything you need right  at the tip of your mouse! How to build a web page or a entire web site. Finding a free home for your web site. Information on exactly how html code works or even complex scripts that make a web site truly interactive and functional. The web abounds with tutorials and training information. How to market or sell. How to design a site. Even how to write complex programs and scripts. Many resources that have simple cut and paste scripts to add functionality.

It is all here right in front of you. The trick is filtering
through all the pay for this and pay for that. Blocking out
all the hype. Focusing in on only what is free. If one can do
that the web is a completely different place. It will almost look
like the internet of old.

Ahh I have you thinking. So you want to know, where do I look?
How do I begin finding all this free stuff you talk about?
Why at http://www.freebonanza.com ! That is where you begin. A truly
wonderful directory managed buy Human Guides! Each reviewing web sites by hand to ensure good quality content. A fully searchable
directory which gives excellent returns on queries. Not the
over bloated 2 million web pages like the large search engines.

Are you ready for a treat? Look for this ezine. Tell your friends
about it. They will thank you for it later. This ezine
will you up to date on what's new at http://www.freebonanza.com.
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James Pendleton is a motivated individual interested in helping
others on the WWW.
Your Freebonanza Guide of tools.


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