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Vol. 1 issue #5 Apr 01, 2002


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Commercial quality clipart free for the taking.
2002, by Judy Litt

The Art of John Stewart
Samples from: Antiquities, Antiquities II, Best of Poofs, Illuminations, The Art of John N. Stewart Multimedia CD-ROM, and The John Stewart Collection on CD-ROM.

Artists' Exchange Clipart Co-op
Need free clipart for personal Websites? Try the Artists' Exchange Clipart Co-op.

ArtParts Sampler (Mac/Windows)
Available from DsgnHaus in Mac or PC EPS or PC Metafiles.

Barry's Clipart Server
If you need free Web graphics, here's a good resource.

Beeline ArtProfile Samples (Mac/Windows)
Vector clipart (apparently free to use) from Beeline ArtProfile. Click on Free Samples on the menu.

Christian Computer Art Samples (Mac/Windows)
Samples and thumbnails on worship, books of Moses, and religious events. For the price of shipping and handling (approximately $3 US), you can get 420 free sample images (WMF, CDR, and GIF formats) and more.

Church Art Works Free Clipart (Mac/Windows)
You can download a few high resolution TIF files, Mac and Windows, for free from Churck Art Works.

Dynamic Graphics Free Clipart (Mac/Windows)
You can get an idea of what type of clipart Dynamic Graphics supplies and download free grpahics.

Download Samples from Artbeats WebTools
Download samples from Artbeats WebTools' cd-rom. Stock graphics for the Web.

Free Clipart from Your Guide
Your Guide shows you where all the free Web graphics on this site reside.




GraphxEdge Clipart
You can download samples of Graphx Edge clipart for free: teddy bears, flowers, children, and nature.

LifeArt Sample Images
Two free sample graphics from LifeArt (medical illustrations), Mac and Windows formats.

Map Resources Samples
Free sample maps from Map Resources you can download.

Muley's Western Illustrations
If you're looking for some free Western style pencil illustrations for your Website, here's a good stop. Make sure you check out the reasonably priced prints for sale, too.

RT Computer Graphics Samples (Mac/Windows)
Free Vector clipart: Santa Fe, Wild West, the Plains, and Petroglyphs. Available in WMF, PICT, or EPS. Make sure you read the license agreemnt for usage rights.

Squaresville Retro Clipart (Mac/Windows)
Royalty free, black and white, retro clipart; some original, some apparently scanned.

Station4 Button Factory
Looking for buttons for your Web pages? You'll find lots of free buttons here at the Station4 Button Factory.

Task Force Clipart
You can download these 200 full color graphics and a viewer free.

Toon a Day
For 10 cents a day, Toon-a-day will email you a new clip art character in EPS format every day. At this page you can download 3 cartoons.

Webclipart's Free Clipart Index
Our Web clipart Guide lets you know where all the great, free clipart is.

Judy Litt is a graphic design professional. Judy decided she wanted to be an artist when she was five. After college, she spent eight years working in all areas of prepress including camera, stripping, plating and proofreading. Since leaving printing, she's owned and operated her own graphic design company, QuaLitty Design.

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