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Vol. 1 issue #103 Apr 22, 2004      


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Building Web Pages That Move People to Buy.
2004 By  Charlie Cook


The purpose of your marketing is to attract prospects and  help them make a series of decisions that lead them to  purchase your products or services.  The sequence of  information you provide on your web site and its visual  presentation can drive clients to contact you about your  services or buy your products  - or it can send them away.

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Many small business owners have web sites but few are  making as much money from their sites as they'd like to  be. If you aren't getting the web traffic you'd like, or  if you're getting lots of traffic but no buyers, the  problem is most likely the design and  copy you are using  on your site. The seven web page building guidelines below  will help you convert prospects to clients with your web  site.  


1. List The Actions You Want Visitors To Take.

Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter, read  your marketing message, read your copy or just contact  you? Before you design or edit your page, make a list of  which actions you want people to take and in what order  when they visit your site.



2. Identify The Decisions Visitors Need To Make Prior To
each Action.
Before you design or redesign your homepage or edit your  copy, clarify the decision making sequence that you want  visitors to move through.  Most marketing materials, web  sites included, rush to sell prospects on the solution  without laying the groundwork. 
Help prospects clarify the problems they want solved and  the value in having them solved. Once you've done this,  you've created the context for selling your solution.


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3. Design The Visual Hierarchy To Move People To The
Desired Action.

Use the size, color, and the location of elements (type,  illustrations or photographs) to bring visitors'  attention to the most important message first, then to  the second most important message or link. Make sure  that visitors can scan your page and find the most  important links first or can scan the copy and quickly  pick up the most important points because they stand out  visually.

4. Stay Focused On Prospects' Problems.
Your prospects want to satisfy their needs and, more  importantly, avoid incurring a loss or pain. Lead with  copy about their concerns. Let them know that you  understand their aspirations as well as their worries  and the problems they want to solve.


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5. Write Your Copy To Support Prospects' Decision Making.
To demonstrate that you know and understand your  prospects' problems, be specific. Avoid general phrases  like "save time and money", which apply to hundreds of  services. Give detailed examples of the problems your  prospects experience and how you solve them.

6. Tell People What To Do.
If you want people to read a key article first, then  sign up for your newsletter, and then contact you,  tell them so. List the steps you want them to take at  the top of the page and then use your page design to  support this sequence of actions.

7. Make It Easy For Prospects To Contact You And To Buy.
Include a contact or order form on your homepage and make  your email and phone number easy to find.

Change the design and copy on your site to help visitors  take the steps to become clients. You'll be pleasantly  surprised at the difference in your response rate and
your business growth.


The author, Charlie Cook, helps service professionals and small business owners attract more clients and be more successful. Sign up to receive the Free Marketing Guide, '7 Steps to Grow Your Business' and the 'More Business' newsletter, full of practical tips you can use at http://www.charliecook.net
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