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Vol. 1 issue #106 May 13, 2004          


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REAL Internet Gurus' Secret #1
2004 By  Willie Crawford


To become a big on-line success, you need to study and model those who have already done what you intend to accomplish.  You need to learn from teachers, coaches, and mentors who have already figured out the formula.

In choosing who you are going to learn from, you need to be able to discern the fakes from those who've actually DONE what they're offering to teach you. You need to develop the skill of discovering those whom I often call "The REAL Gurus."


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The skill of finding and learning from the real gurus isn't as hard as you would first think. That's because they all possess many common traits.  Find someone who exhibits most, or all of these "guru traits," and you've found "the real deal."  Today, let's look at one of the most glaring traits... 

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Real Internet gurus' secret number 1 is that they're all people of action. They see something that's a great idea, something that they want to test, something that needs doing... and they do it!


While most of us come up with lots of great ideas, we seldom act upon them.  While many of us read tons of books and articles, make notes on the key ideas they offer, and even plan on implementing them "when time permits," we rarely get around to just doing it!

The super successful on-line entrepreneurs that I know are just the extreme opposite.  My coach is a perfect example.  We'll discuss a problem or project, come up with a solution we agree upon, and then he strongly suggests that I do it right away.  In-fact, he'll say something like "let's do that by tomorrow and  then track the results."


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This millionaire guru knows that ideas are a dime a dozen and  that ideas never made anyone rich or wildly successful. Taking  action did.

Spend any time around super successful people and you'll see  this trait exhibited constantly.  They'll be in a conversation with  someone and after a great idea is discussed, they'll turn to  their assistant or webmaster and say, "Take care of that
tomorrow for me."

That's another trait they all exhibit too - they know how to  delegate and use others so that they aren't overwhelmed. This  is a trait we'll cover in another article though.

When you really think about this very simple trait of taking IMMEDIATE action, you'll see that it IS a very important trait.   It's what'll give you a supreme advantage in the marketplace.
While your competitors are thinking about it, you'll be doing it.  The winners take the idea or product to market first!  While  others spend a lot of time studying an idea, gurus get known  as the ones who "introduced" the idea or product to market.

I'm sure you've seen the above demonstrated over and over  again. You come up with a great idea, and jot it down  somewhere.  It's an absolutely brilliant idea. Three months later,  you see some famous "guru" marketing "your" idea.

What just happened when you see your idea being marketed by  someone else?  The time was right for the product or service.  Conditions were ideal and that's part of what generated the idea.   Circumstances and real need generated the idea.  Many people came up with the idea, or similar ideas, at the same time.  Most took no action.  That one trait, the habit of taking decisive action,  is what continuously gives some people the edge!



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You see this over and over throughout history. The people who  become rich and famous aren't necessarily the first to come up  with an idea.... they're the ones who did what it took to make it  happen.  Wilbur and Orville Wright weren't the first to come up with the idea of an airplane very similar to the one that caused  history books to record them as aviation pioneers. They are  remembered because they possessed guru trait number 1.

Now that you are aware of this trait on a conscious level, you'll start to notice it more in those you deal with on the Internet. As you spend time studying the big names in your niche, you'll see  it over and over again in a select few.  You'll smile, and nod your head, because you now know REAL Internet Gurus' Secret #1.

Make that secret a part of you... a part of your habit pattern, and you're well on your way!


Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie teaches the average guy what the top marketers are doing but seldom talking about. Willie provides detailed how to information in his newsletter, through his personal coaching, and at his annual how to workshop. Learn more at: http://InternetMarketingHowToWorkshop.com
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