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Vol. 1 issue #128 Jan 10, 2005                     


3 Steps to Product Creation Success
2005 By Wes Blaylock 


Through my years of internet marketing, I am always
asked how to create a product, or what is the best
way to create a product, or what product will make
the most money, etc..

I have come to the conclusion that the best product
for you to create, is one that you are fully interested
in. Not one that makes the most money, but one that
you can put your whole heart and soul in both the creating
and marketing of that product.

It is a lot easier to become successful doing something
that you love. And when you absolutely love what you
do, then "having fun" everyday is much better than
"going to work"!

This simple 3 step system below will show you how to
easily create a powerful product THAT SELLS and
allows you to have a great time creating it since it will
be something that you absolutely love doing. So let's
get started:

1. Go to your local bookstore, and find your resource.

Well actually, the first step is to find something that you
absolutely love doing. Either something you already love
doing, or something that you are fully interested in, but have
not had the time to get into it yet.

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THEN, go to your local bookstore and look in their magazine
section for magazines on your topic of interest. If you can find
a magazine on it(and you most likely can), then there is a market
for it. Otherwise, no company would waste their time producing
a magazine unless there is a market for it. And no company is
stupid enough to start a magazine without fully researching the
market's interest first. So if there is a magazine, then there is a

Buy the magazine (or magazines) and contact the company to
order 12 of their most recent back issues. This is your research.
This is also the best way to kill 2 birds with one stone. Doing this,
you do not have to do any surveying or polling of your market to
see if there is an interest, the magazine has already done that just
by publishing their magazine.

And second, you found a load of information on something you
love and it only cost you about $30-60. So now you have 12
issues on a topic that is proven to be saleable, and all the while, it
is something that you love doing, or have a great interest in.

2. Create your product based on the magazine's topics

Read the magazines. Check out their advertisers. Go to all of
the websites in the mag, and take as many notes as you can.
This can all take but a week at the most to do. Fill your brain
with information on the topic and make note of the topics that
keep popping up in every issue. This obviously means that
the certain topic has high interest. Otherwise, the magazine
wouldn't write about it so much.


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Now you have a ton of info and notes, and specific topics that
are really popular. Just simple put it all together into a manual,
report, book, home study course, newsletter, etc... And there
ya go! A product that has a highly interested market of prospects
who are willing to pay for that sort of information. And of course,
none of the above seemed like work for you, because you love
that topic and was either researching it anyways, or planned to
do so in the near future.

3. Advertise your product to that market.

Now obviously, the best place to advertise your new product
would be in the magazine(s) that you gathered your info from. The
people who subscribe to that magazine are already qualified and
are prime prospects for your source of information.

You can call the magazine and ask for their rate card to run
some small classifieds, or if you have the dough, go for some full
page ads or maybe space ads. Just remember that rate card
prices are very negotiable. Don't settle for the first price they
give you.

You could also rent the magazine's mailing list and send out
a few direct mail pieces. Now I know you probably want to
focus most of your business on the internet like everybody else
is doing, but never dismiss offline marketing. It is usually more
sure-fire and result-oriented than the internet.


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And of course, you can find tons of websites in just about any
magazine nowadays. Just gather all of the websites from each
issue and visit them to look for advertising information. Banner
ads, newsletter ads, direct advertising, whatever.. Most
magazines have loads of website addresses that you can
check out to advertise on. Even the magazines' own website
is a great place to promote your new info product.

So you see, taking product creation and promotion in smalls
steps while doing something you love makes it simple. I bet you
could use this idea 10 times in 3 months and at the end, have
10 manuals, e-books, reports, newsletters, or whatever to sell
like a madman (or madWOman :) !!

See you at the bank,
Wes Blaylock


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