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Vol. 1 issue #13 May 22, 2002


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You're Going The Wrong Way, 94% of Websites Are Failing
2002  Peter Twist

That's a recent statistic that has been in the news, so how do you define failure?

I would say that the site is either; not earning any money, is eating up money, or has no visitors.

So how can that be?

A business plan has been done, extensive market research has been undertaken and there's an ongoing marketing campaign...

or perhaps not? The trouble is that the internet has made people wear blinkers, you would have thought that the 'Dot Bomb' disasters would have made people sit up and realise that it ain't that easy. But no.

Many think that you just come up with your great product or idea, spend a couple of weeks (or months) learning the web site software then designing the killer website that everyone will love.

These days, there are enough people who think that leaving their full-time job and setting up their own businesses is the way to a better life and exciting future, or so the banks want us to believe.

Very quickly, would-be entrepreneurs realise that it usually takes time, commitment, sacrifice and many failures before the business begins to work.



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Although it is much cheaper to set up a business on the internet, you still need to carry out research and put time and effort into advertising, if you don't have much money, then that translates into time, but even then, what's the point in spending six months only to find that it doesn't work?

So, if 94% of websites are failing, who are the other 6%? Well you have the massive search engines and corporate sites, but then you have small and medium- sized internet marketers who are making a good living.

It's like a highway where 94% are going the wrong way, hurtling towards disappointment and possible financial ruin.

Be like the smaller percentage and look at your internet business the same way you would look at an offline business. Do your homework and research and don't just fall in love with your idea.

I have worked for myself in the offline world for over 15 years as well as being online for over 8 years, it can be very rewarding, but take off your blinkers.

Peter Twist

Peter Twist is the author of the FREE PDF EBOOK 'You're Going The Wrong Way' where he expands on the subject above.
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