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Vol. 1 issue #133 Feb 14, 2005                     


Be A Friend!
2005 by Wild Bill Montgomery


"I'm not a Monster, I'm a Human Being!"

Every sales interaction, whether in person or virtually from your web page,
should begin and end on a personal note. The customer and the sales or
marketing person should begin and end their relationship as two "human
beings" building towards a goal that is mutually beneficial, not as buyer
and seller. This is called "building a professional relationship". Your
customer is not and cannot be just another sale. Take the extra time to
build your "Professional Relationship" and ultimately into a "Professional

There is no rule set down that says you must remain only buyer and seller. A
true salesperson is an "Ambassador" of his company or product. Just as an
Ambassador, a successful sales person is required to have sensitivity, tact
and most of all "Sincerity". There is nothing easier for a customer to pick
up on, than a salesperson making believe that they are sincere when they are
obviously not. It requires more than dry, tasteless questions of the
family's health. If you have not yet fully discovered the benefits of
building "Professional Friendships", you are blindly passing by a waiting
pool of prospects.

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Lisa Devall   
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Member since 12/6/2004
Lisa Devall
Gender Female
Age 38
Location Davenport, Fl, United States
Interests Online Dating, Free Online Dating, Pen Pals, Relationships, Friends, Chat
Company LOVEinMinutes.com
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Industry Online Dating


Being a Professional Friend means making a mere call or sending an email to
see if they are happy with your product or to see how their business is
progressing. Maybe an offer of counseling with a business problem. But do it
"without" the sole intention of making another sell. People will respond to
your caring and consideration, and come to think of you as a friend who
cares. Therefore, they are more likely to make their next purchase from you,
a professional they have come to trust.....a friend.

You Never Leave A Friend Behind!

It is a very important principle of salesmanship that there be a pleasant
beginning and a even more pleasant finale to a professional relationship or
friendship. The old saying, "Don't Burn Your Bridges Behind You" comes to
mind. Many sales professionals seem to eager to dissolve such relationships
because the customer stops buying. Right away, they move on to, or focus on,
the next customer. Their conversation becomes dead and their manner formal.
Apparently they are thinking to themselves, "No more orders from this
person". There may even be a formal thank you and a polite goodbye, but if
you have suddenly lost interest in people they become keenly aware of this
fact, and thus often take it personally. They may think to themselves,
"Well, if that's the way they feel because I wasn't interested this
time.........". People are not pleased with formal and distant attitudes
after any type of relationship has been formed.


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An Award For Congeniality!

A salesperson, in a word, must make themselves likeable. They must be
congenial. It's a magnetism of their personality traits they were either
born with or developed through years of training, formal or not. This
attractiveness or congeniality, whatever we may call it, is one of the most
valuable attributes that a salesperson can possess. It is a curios fact that
few technical people possess this power of attracting people. That is why
"techies" seldom succeed as sales professionals. They rely solely on the
facts and their technical knowledge. They treat all customers alike. In fact
most have an underlying contempt for their customers ignorance of a product
or subject, which some of them do not even bother to conceal.

Personal Capital

The fact is that any salesperson's best asset is the goodwill of their
customers. If you have built up a reputation for honesty, courtesy,
knowledge and reliability , you have acquired real "personal capital". No
one can take this away from you. No thief can steal it. No one but "You" can
destroy it.


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In Closing:

Just as a successful sales professional, a true measure of every persons
success is the number of friends they have acquired through their life. Make
Friends. It's the secret of good management, of a great salesperson. It's
the way to make any business succeed.


The aim of every company should be permanent patrons, not people who buy
once and never again. New customers are far more costly (in the way of
advertising or the work of canvassing for them) than the time it takes to be
a friend.

Adios My Friends
Wild Bill Montgomery

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