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Vol. 1 issue #146 May 17, 2005                    


Produce Huge Results for your Business using Joint Ventures
2005 by Abe Cherian


One of the best ways to make money, at the least, if not at
no cost, are joint ventures. What I'm talking about is
joint venturing With Others In Your Field!

I know, you're asking, what does this mean for me?

Well, to give you the best answer I can, I'm going to give
you an example that will make the whole topic become
crystal clear.

First, there's the skill of getting outside professionals
whose product or service relates to yours to work with you
as a team to help your clients and customers, and their
clients and customers, and the public in general.

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You see, many outside professionals have a harmful way and
Tendencies to take recommendations, clients and customers
away from you, only to leave you dried out and empty.

There are ways to stop this horrible problem by pointing
out that you are not in the "one way street" business, and
that you like to give, and get, recommendations. One of
which is to show everyone and your competition your Unique
Selling Proposition. Strategizing, to try and get one or
more of them to see that you mean business.

Establishing real relationships with outside people is
going to be an absolute key to making the most amount of
money at the least amount of expense. In order for you to
move up to another level, you'll have to get into a new
level of perception with outside professionals. You don't
have a choice.

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Another crucial step is Marketing. Using this through
professionals is no different than marketing to anyone. You
see, you're marketing through them on the surface. What
you're really doing is marketing to them. Just like you do
with everyone.

Whoever you market to, there is always some end result in
mind. For strangers, the goal is for them to want to come
in to see you. So your marketing focuses on the hot moments
that will get them in for an appointment. For
professionals, your end goal is to get them to refer people
to you, and/or to let you do seminars, tele-conferences or
whatever else for their clients and customers, or have them
help you with the cost of marketing.

So, your marketing must focus on their hot moments that
will get them to refer people to you! Matter of fact,
here's how to get other professionals excited and
interested in working with you.

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Help them feel like you're a peer, not a salesperson.

Build trust so you can help their clients and customers.

Help them feel they can depend on you for help, objective
advice as opposed to self-serving advice.

Help them feel you can solve problems for their clients
and customers whether you get paid in every instance or not.

Help them feel you are creative and aggressive in
marketing. Something most of them may have trouble with.

Help them feel they can depend on you to say the right
things in meetings.

Help them feel they can count on you delivering what you
say you can.

Help them feel you will never recommend anything to their
clients and customers without going through them first.

See where this is going? They want you to be an asset to
them and their clients and customers. An asset that is
dependable, trustworthy and a total creative professional
business. These people need new business just like you do.
But you are going to have to bring more than marketing to
the table. They want you to bring new business in, but they
want it to be accompanied by a solid, trustworthy

Abe Cherian is the founder of Multiple Stream Media,
a company that helps online businesses find new
prospects and clients, who are anxious to grow
their business fast, and without spending a fortune
in marketing and automation.
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