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Vol. 1 issue #163, Sept 13 2005


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Reprint Rights Scams And Shams
©2005 by Willie Crawford

The Internet marketing landscape is littered with the
profitless websites of those buying worthless reprint
rights packages! They buy these rights, put up a
website, and scratch their heads in bewilderment when
the sales don't come rolling in.

Yes, you can make a lot of money with reprint rights.
I've earned a small fortune with them.

However, you have to know what you're doing. It's not as
easy as the ads lead you to believe. Most of those I
consult with who've purchased reprint rights products
haven't had much success with them… At least not until
I show them what they're doing wrong.

The problem is that most of the people in Internet
marketing most-likely to buy reprint rights DON'T know
how to market the products. Most of the old-timers have their
own products that they are promoting. So they ignore
reprint rights. Therefore, most of the reprint rights
products are purchased by beginners and intermediate
marketers... who have trouble selling these products.

They are told that it's as easy as just plugging in
your Paypal or other payment link and collecting the
cash. It's NOT.

Most newbies buy reprint rights for the wrong reason.
They see a huge package with a product list so long that
they never even finish reading the description before they
whip out their credit cards. The sheer size of the package
overwhelms them, beating them into pressing that order

When considering buying reprint rights, you need to look
VERY closely at what's in the package. How old is the
information? How many others are selling it to your market?
Are these same products being sold dirt cheap on Ebay
or even being given away?

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Ms Judy Galvez
Gender Female
Age 42
Location Kitchener, Ont, Canada
Interests I enjoy music, I sing in my spare time, I do water colour and pencil art, I have tapped into oil as well, I enjoy funny movies and just being with my family.. I enjoy people's company....
Company 24hourcashflow
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Industry online Marketing Business back ground

Many of the reprint rights products I see advertised are
also 'flawed,' and that why I call them "scams or shams."
Many of these products are being offered as reprint rights
BECAUSE they no longer sell as stand-alone products. It's
a way for the product creator to breathe new life into a
dying product.

Many of these products were created just to offer TO
those looking for reprint rights products, and to produce
backend sales. They come with cookie cutter websites,
and copy so poor that your visitors will laugh at you if
you use it. If you just use those products/websites as-is,
you'll have a very difficult time making a profit.

It's not entirely impossible to profit from these
products, but you often need to repackage them and
bundle them with other products. A perfect example of
how I did this can be seen at: http://WriteACookbook.com
Most of the bonuses I offer from that site were GIVEN
to me with reprint rights. I combined them with an
existing product, tripled the price, and more than
DOUBLED my sales!

Some of the products offered as bonuses from the site
above are also sold as stand-alone products. In every
case, I revised the poorly-written sales pages.

Provided the product contains current and accurate
information, you can sometimes get some very good products
in reprints rights packages. I'll show you how to sell
these products in a second.

Please don't think I'm completely down on reprint rights
products. I've conducted several tele-seminars on how to
profit from them. The recordings from one of these
tele-seminars is available at my website at:
I teach people how-to profit from reprint rights!

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When you buy a reprint rights product take the time to
actually look through the product, and verify the accuracy
of the information it contains. Otherwise, you may be
selling out-dated and inaccurate information. In that case
you should sense a personal ethical dilemma. If you're
putting your name on it, you should care that your
customers are getting good information.

Bad information that gets passed "from generation to
generation" dooms a lot of online businesses.

Now, when trying to market reprint rights products, most
newbies face two problems:

1) They have no traffic.

2) The poorly written site doesn't convert.

The traffic problem is fairly easy to solve quickly and
inexpensively. The thing I advise most clients to do

1) Use pay-per-click search engines.

2) Write lots of articles with the resource boxes
pointing back to your target website.

I cover how I implement this 2-pronger strategy in another
one of my articles called "Amazing Secrets of A Traffic
Generation Master." You can read that article at:
In that article, I also show how blogging can generate a LOT
of traffic in a short timeframe.

Another strategy for effortlessly marketing products
your have reprint rights to is to set them up on
Clickbank, and allow Clickbank affiliates to sell them
for you. If you have the right, you want to modify
the product, and create a unique product/package if you
are going to do this. Always confirm this doesn't
violate your resale rights agreement.

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

You essentially want to create a NEW product from the
old one if you're going to use the Clickbank strategy.
Even if others are selling the same or similar product,
and read the Clickbank strategy here, you have nothing
to worry about. 99.99% who read this won't implement
it. They will have just read an absolutely brilliant
idea, and then they will continue searching for a
non-existent easier way :-)

The other major problem you may face is that the sales copy,
or website, provided with the reprint rights is extremely
poorly written. Here you either need to revise it yourself
or hire someone to revise it for you. It may only need a
little work. In rare cases, you may even get a salespage that
will make you sales. This is something you need to test.

Read through the salespage provided first and ask yourself
if you'd buy the product from that page. If not, you need
to revise it. If you’re not a copywriter, you need to learn this
skill. I mastered it through Yanik Silver’s home-study course
that you’ll find at: http://www.ultimateonlinecopymanual.com
Yanik was selling very expensive medical equipment to doctors
as a teenage - via mail order - so Yanik understands copywriting!
His home-study course is very comprehensive.

The bottom line is that when you buy one of these reprint
rights packages, it will rarely be ready to go. You
will often need to refine the product. Then you will need
to do a lot of promoting, just like with any other
product. Buy these packages with this understanding. If
you buy them with any other expectation, you're setting
yourself up to be scammed.


Willie Crawford consults with some of the most successful
direct marketers on the Internet. Grab a copy of the
somewhat controversial ebook that he considers required
reading for all his clients at:

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