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Vol. 1 issue #173 Dec 6, 2005                    


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The Incredible Image, 8 Steps to Put Your Business’ Best Foot Forward
©2005 by Eric Gelb, MBA & CPA

Look into the mirror? Do you see your image--the You that others

Image counts Big-Time in today's super - competitive and
demanding world. But the secret to developing a strong brand
identity is to crystallize--in your target market’s mind and
heart--the image you want to convey, and broadcast that message
actively and consistently.

For example, how do you and your team treat your customers? Is
your service somewhat like this?

** Pens & Pencils and High Finance **

Some months back, I met with my financial advisor from
Insurance Company named Pete. Pete sported a 79¢ pen and his
$4.99 solar Calculator - standard issue. Ugh.

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Nicole's General Info

Just incase you're wondering what I look like....   
 86 Friends
Member since 10/1/2005
Mrs. Nicole Pritchett
Location Sutherlin, OR, United States
Interests www.roseburgmoves.com www.realtor.com www.coldwellbanker.com www.rmls.com www.pritchettspits.com Real Estate, breeding, training, registering, LET ME HELP YOU UNDERSTAND PITBULLS, Home decor, interior design, home improvement methods, snow-boarding, s
Company Pritchett's Pit Biz
URL View Pritchett's Pit Biz's web site
Industry I'm the Office Manager at Coldwell Banker Northwest Properties in beautiful Roseburg, Oregon. Our office is an individually owned branch of the Coldwell Banker franchise. If you're considering relocating or just have questions, I can help you!


This supposed sophisticated financial advisor expected me
to sign a million-dollar life insurance policy. Yet, he handed
me this cheap pen. And he used a lousy $5 calculator to make
financial projections regarding my retirement.

Did Pete consider my family’s future to be important?
Not that another calculator’s answer would be any different
or better from the answer generated by the solar calculator
mind you…but …

*** Perceptions Drive All. ***

> What are your customers’ perceptions about you?

> Do your tools, materials, and style match your customers’
expectations and demeanor?

> Do your actions, marketing tools and branding efforts
Enhance your image?

Consider these eight (8) ways to shape and sharpen your image
And help you develop your personal brand and your business’
Incredible Image:

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1. Decide what message you want to send your customers and
the image you want to display.

2. Figure out what’s important to your customers and then
design or redesign your image.

3. Study how other leading organizations, including your
competitors, broadcast their message. What do they say?

4. Select the optimal way to broadcast your message and
present your image.

5. Make Sure your actions consistently and continually
Enhance your image.

6. Analyze whether any of your actions Detract from your
image and make changes.

7. Analyze whether your actions, business cards, web Site,
e-mail sig (signature) files, brochures, letters, etc., are
consistent with the image you want to broadcast.

8. Make sure your marketing programs are consistent from
start to finish—Internally and Externally--and consistent with
all your other business activities and initiatives.
And consistent with your customers’ expectations.

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Truth IS stranger than fiction. So remember, every marketing
and promotion activity, every effort, etc. can make a difference.

Even a small yet novel approach, special trait, or standout quality
will help you create your own distinctive brand and enhance Your
Incredible Image, which in turn will set you ablaze in your marketplace.
Then you'll truly multiply your business fivefold, tenfold or more.


Eric Gelb, MBA & CPA, is a copywriter and brand management
expert. He edits the original Publishing Gold e-zine.
For more information, visit http://www.PublishingGold.com


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