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Vol. 2 issue #180 Feb 1, 2006                    


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A Caring Attitude
2005 by Bob Osgoodby

I recently had a problem, and called my ISP (who shall remain
unnamed) for help, because I could not connect to their service.
I let this ride for a day, in the event they were having a
problem, but the next day when I still couldn't get connected, I
gave them a call.

After listening to their computerized message, which told me
everything except how to brush my teeth, I finally selected the
appropriate option. I was given the approximate hold time,
(which I appreciated) put them on the speaker phone and went
about other things I was doing.

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Greg and Thea   
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Thea Westra
Gender Female
Age 46
Location East Victoria Park, W.A., Australia
Interests network marketing, noni, coaching, home business, small business, personal growth, personal development, gardening, reading, people, friends, inspirational quotes, celebrating success, movies, films, talking, listening.
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Industry International Life Coach
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After 15 minutes or so, I was connected to a customer service
rep, explained the problem and was put through a series of
things to try, which I did. None of them worked. I was told
that my software had become corrupted, and I would have to
reinstall the software from my Windows CD. I explained that I
could connect to other services and the problem was only with
their service. No matter, I was told I would have to reinstall
the software.

Not accepting his answer, I called again and got a different
customer service rep. This one told me to turn off my computer
and then restart it. When it still didn't work, he told me he
couldn't do anything. Now this guy barely spoke English. Not
satisfied with his answer, I asked to speak to a supervisor who
told me the problem would be referred to their research
department and someone would call me back within 48 hours.

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Two days came and went with no call back, and I figured #1 and
#2 didn't really know what they were doing so I tried again.
This time I got a very pleasant person (#3) who took the time to
listen to my problem, and she solved it "lickety split". She
not only solved the problem, but displayed a real caring
attitude which the previous two did not.

Now, it seems that many companies staff their customer care
department with warm bodies, give them a trouble shooting book
(you can hear them turning the pages) and then try to get rid of
you as quickly as possible so they can handle their next call.

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This never ceases to amaze me. They spend millions on
advertising their service, send out trial CD's by the train load
(you know who I mean), and then staff their primary customer
contact, with incompetents or people that don't give a fig about
problems their customers are having. It seems that they really
don't care if they lose a customer.

If you are in business, either you must be a #3 or have one
working for you. Never forget - the sales department gets
customers, but the customer service department keeps them.


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