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Vol. 2 issue #181 Feb 7, 2006                    


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Mr. Monopoly Got It Wrong: Cooperation Makes More Money Than Competition
2005 by Kalinda Rose Stevenson, Ph.D.

Monopoly is a zero sum game based on competition.
Since the money supply cannot increase, the players
can win only by taking money from other players. The
fundamental belief behind Monopoly is lack of money.
This means that the only way to get more money is to
take it away from others.

This zero sum competitive game reflects the economic
realities of the Great Depression. While thousands
stood in breadlines, a handful made fortunes. For
one to player to win, the others must lose.

The rules of the Monopoly prohibit partnership. You
cannot create joint ventures. You cannot loan money
to another player. You cannot borrow money from
another player.

The psychological effect of playing this highly
competitive game is that you are a solo player doing
whatever you can to force the other players to go
bankrupt. The last thing you want to do is to help
someone else stay in the game because that person
might go on to drive you out of the game.

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Jim Wright   
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Mr. James Wright
Gender Male
Age 49
Location Kingman, AZ, United States
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Company Desert Sun Enterprises
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As an economic model for creating wealth, Monopoly
teaches that competition is the way of the world.
It reinforces social models based on competition, and
the idea that success is a lonely climb over the
heads of others.

The belief that success means competition reinforces
a whole array of social models and beliefs about the
"survival of the fittest" and the "law of the jungle"
where only the strong prevail. You can see the
same belief behind the American mythology of the
self-made man who pulls himself up by his bootstraps.

Even Abraham Maslow's "hierarchy of needs" is a model
of the individual striving to succeed as an
individual. It is all part of the belief that
success goes to the individual who wins the

This kind of imagery is deeply embedded in our
consciousness about what it takes to make money and
what it takes to succeed in business. Monopoly simply
reinforces the fundamental belief that the road to
success is paved with the bodies of your competitors.

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As a success model, what is the effect of a game
based on competition for a limited money supply? You
don't have to look any further than the statistic
that 96% of the population will reach 65 without
enough money to be financially self-sufficient.
Instead of congratulating the 4% who somehow manage
to create financial freedom for themselves in this
economic system, you need to ask, "What is wrong with
the game? Why do so many lose?"

The short answer is that our economic models teach
competition for limited resources as the foundation
of wealth. The model itself demands that almost
everyone must end the game broke.

What happens when you attempt to create wealth in
business according to Monopoly Money Rules? It's a
highly competitive game and a lonely struggle. You
use your own money and do it alone. Will you
succeed? Maybe. You might be one of the lucky few
who manage to do it all yourself. More likely, you
will end up as one of the casualties of those who
tried to start a business but never made enough money
to succeed.

As a model for creating wealth, Monopoly is stuck in
the mindset and money beliefs of the Great
Depression. In the Monopoly game, the winner amasses
money but does nothing to create money through

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The Great Depression ended more than sixty years ago.
It's time for a new game with a new understanding of
money. The fact is, you'll make more money in
transactions than you will in takeovers. Mr.
Monopoly had it wrong when he thought that winning
meant driving competitors out of business. Yes, I
know. The business world is still full of "black
knights" and hostile takeovers. And sometimes the
worst people seem to win.

When you take off the Depression era Mr. Monopoly
glasses, you can see a new vision of money and
business. Money is not currency. Money is an idea,
and the only limits to money are the limits of your
vision. With this vision, you'll see that you will
make more money in transactions than takeovers. In
this era, the most enlightened business people
understand that you will make more money in joint
ventures with others than you will by competing
against them.


Kalinda Rose Stevenson, Ph.D.

Author of "No Money Limits For Real Estate Investors:
Are Monopoly Money Rules Putting A Lid On Your Real
Estate Success?"
Discover The Real Estate Money Secret Hidden in the
Monopoly Game.


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