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Vol. 2 issue #188 April 27, 2006                    


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Nothing for Nothing
2005 by Jo McNamara

One of the best things about writing articles is connecting with
people. Sometimes Internet marketing can seem like an
impersonal, sterile world.

People will write me asking for advice. The main thing they
want to know is how to be "successful" in Net marketing.

One thing that strikes me about the people who write me is
that very few want to spend the money or invest the time
necessary to be "successful." They seem to want instant riches
without having to spend a dime or invest a few hours each

The other impression I get is that people don't seem to want to
educate themselves about online marketing. They want the
answers for making money handed to them on a platter
without having to actually do or learn anything.

I want to share with you correspondence between myself and
one person who contacted me. He requested some
information on how to be "successful" in online promotion. The
first thing I did was ask him some questions. They were:

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Michael's General Info

Michael - Adlandpro Support & Admin   
 331 Friends
Member since 12/1/2004
Michael Dela Cruz
Gender Male
Age 31
Location Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Interests Rollerblading, Guitar, Programming, Graphic Design, Video Games, Driving, Singing, Coffee Sessions, Mobile Audio (Recent Interest)
Company Adlandpro, Pressmania
URL View Adlandpro, Pressmania's web site
Industry E-Marketing Manager and Customer Support for Adlandpro and Pressmania, Marketing, Sales Copywriting, Web Design, Retail Sales.

- How long have you been in Internet marketing?
- What are you promoting?
- Are you promoting affiliate programs? If so, how many?
- Or...are you promoting your own product?
- What methods do you use to advertise (FFA's, classified ads,
ezine ads, etc)?
- What learning tools do you use (ezines, informational
websites, membership programs, etc)?
- How many hours a day are you able to devote to Net
- Why ARE you in Net marketing?
- What are your goals..what do you want from this?
- Is this a passion or a means to an end?

To this person's credit, he did answer all of my questions. 99%
of the time, people don't bother and I never hear from them

At the end, he said, "Okay, I have answered your
questions.now answer mine." That struck me as a bit abrupt.
But I know from my own experience that when we type we can
be thinking one thing and it can come out much different than
we intended. So I gave him benefit of the doubt. I answered
his questions.

He then asked me if I would take the time to critique his
website. Which I did.

It was a replicated website which meant it was for an affiliate
program. These were what I saw as weaknesses in the

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- The salesletter was confusing. I had no clear idea how this
program would benefit me.
- There were no testimonials.
- There was no written guarantee.
- There was no contact address or phone number.

But the worse thing about this website is this person was using
a HotMail account as his email address! I told him that most
people would not take this program seriously because he was
using a "throw away" email address.

In response, he wrote:

- He could change the email account when he found a better
option, but that he didn't see that as an immediate problem.
- That most of the marketing for this program was done offline.
The website was for people outside of Australia. That within
Australia, more details were given. (Then why market outside
of the country if you're not going to give people complete
- That there were testimonials on the Members Only
Discussion Board (They've already bought the program. Why
do THEY need testimonials?)
- Regarding the lack of a guarantee.he said (and I quote), "No
network marketing company EVER gives one of these." (I beg
your pardon?)

And this person wants to set up "shop" online and have it
generating money 24/7, without his direct involvement?

I came away from this experience thinking that he may have
wanted advice but he wasn't willing to listen. I also thought he
wasn't willing to invest even a small amount of money in order
to earn money...nothing for nothing. He was just looking for a
sure-fire answer to quick money.

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

The latter is a feeling I often have with people who write me.
Success is not given...Success is EARNED. If you don't have
much money, then you'll have to spend your time. If you do
have some money, then you can spend less time. But you'll
see better results if you invest both time and money. I'm not
saying don't use free resources to advertise. Just be realistic; it
may take you longer to reach your goals going that route.

When I started out in Internet marketing, I put aside a set
amount of money for advertising. It wasn't much; just what I felt
I could afford at the time. I learned and continue to learn as
much as I can about marketing. As long as I'm in online
promotion, I will be a student.

At this point, I take some of the profits I make each month and
reinvest it into more advertising. My ad tracking tells me what
is working and what's a waste of time and money. It's been a
slow build, but every month it gets better and better.

We will get out of Internet marketing exactly what we put into
it; there is no "free ride." If you think there is, then you will
get...Nothing For Nothing.

"The successful person is the individual who forms the habit of
doing what the failing person doesn't like to do." Donald Riggs


Jo McNamara lives in Orlando, FL with 8 cats and 1 husband.
You may receive other articles written by Jo at:
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when I first started out...I would have saved myself countless,
wasted hours and more money than I care to think about!"

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