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Vol. 2 issue #195 June 29, 2006                    


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How to Approach Success in Business
©2005 by Dan B. Cauthron

First of all, anyone who intends to succeed in business,
whether on the Net or off, needs to develop a systematic approach. This involves setting both long term and short
term goals.

Too many beginners come into the Internet business arena
with no definite plan or idea, expecting success to quickly
fall into their laps. This may happen for some, but some
people also win lotteries. But even professional gamblers use a systematic approach in their efforts.

So, letís talk about your approach to your own business

Marketing vs. Advertising

They are not one and the same, but both are integral parts
in the success of any business. By definition, advertising
is a short term exercise geared toward making a customer
aware of a product, and then getting a sale. Itís a
necessary part of any successful marketing plan, but it
cannot be THE marketing plan.

Marketing, on the other hand, is a longer term endeavor. It
encompasses the big picture of your business and how it
will succeed. Not being aimed toward an immediate result,
your marketing plan should allow you to position` your
business, over time, into a favorable niche so that you can
be there when it is time to make the sale.

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Nikki's General Info

"Birds of the same feather will flock together"   
Nikki Benoit (user id: nikbeno) is offline. Last login: 6/28/2006 2:30:58 PM 124 Friends
Member since 2/6/2006
Ms. Nikki Benoit
Gender Female
Age 34
Location Minot, ND, United States
Interests Arts, Crafts, Journalism, Internet Marketing, Networking, Entraprenuer, Business Owner, Partnerships, Affiliate Programs, Multiple Streams of Income, Money Making Opportunities, Developing New Friendships, Research and Development, Creative Inventions
Company Type-At-Home
URL View Type-At-Home's web site
Industry Earn $250+/day working about 2hrs/day, from your home. Great lucrative system for stay at home parents, or even if you're an executive. If you can type 30wpm and follow simple instructions, than this is for you. Anyone can do this, so start making money to

Successful Internet marketing is an exercise in exposing
your business for the long term good. It surrounds
informing and educating a targeted market, and leading the
prospect into a fair and honest exchange of her money for
the benefits of owning your product, or using your service.

A few techniques that you might consider are . . .

- Writing and Distributing eZine Articles
- Publishing Your Own Newsletter
- Using Autoresponder Messages That Educate and Inform
- Giving Endorsements to Other Webmasters
- Viral Marketing With Branded eProducts
- Developing Informative Content on Your Site
- Developing a Relationship With Your Opt-in List Members
- Giving of Your Own Time and Energies

The Ten Foot Rule Doesnít Work Anymore

In the early days of direct sales, the salespersonís rule
was to market to anyone who came within 10 feet. This
machine gun approach probably made a success of those who
were aggressive enough to bother everyone they came in
contact with.

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Sorry, it doesnít work on the Internet. Todayís typical
Internet user has keenly focused interests, needs, and
desires. She relies on the Internet to fulfill at least
some of those. No matter what you may hear, few people
actually surf the Net aimlessly, with no purpose in mind
but to see the next page.

Hawking your wares to people who donít have a predetermined
interest will not only waste your time, it may build a lot of
animosity toward you and your business.

Forced Marketing vs. Attraction

Think about television advertising for a moment. It is
forced upon us, whether we want it or not. How many TV ads
do you see that make you think, "Wow, Iím going out right
now to buy that!" How many times have you developed a
resentment after seeing the same commercial six times
during the course of your favorite show? That is forced
marketing. It gets crammed down your throat.

On the other hand, successful Internet marketing must rely
on the force of attraction and persuasion. It should be
your goal to identify a particular need within the market,
find ways to attract those prospects who have that need,
and then be there with your doors wide open when they seek
a solution.

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Customer Service As an Investment

There arenít enough words to describe the importance of
good customer service. Henry Ford said, "A business
absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry
about profits. They will be embarrassingly large."

Most people would prefer to do business with another
person, rather than a vending machine. Let the public see
you as a real person, and cultivate that involvement. Show
interest, and take advantage of opportunities to go above
and beyond the call in fulfilling the needs of your
customers. After all, helping others is truly a reward in

Stay Flexible and Be Original

A marketing strategy that worked just a few short months
ago may or may not work today. This makes it all the more
important that you stay on top of your marketing plan,
track the results, and be ready at any time to strike new

Always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, but
donít make the mistake of getting caught up in a herd
mentality. The herd may very well be charging blindly
toward the nearest cliff.


Dan B. Cauthron provides No Nonsense Information and Resources for Serious Internet Marketers at his website: http://DanBCauthron.com

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