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Vol. 2 issue #199 Sept 21, 2006                    


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How Much Can I Make, And How Long Will It Take?
2006 by Willie Crawford

"How much money can I make, and how long will it take?"
That's THE question many of us get asked far too often
by those thinking of buying our products or joining our
programs. Many of us squirm and struggle with the
answer. I answer that I honestly don't know.

The prospect probes a little harder by insisting that
you give an "estimate" of how much he can earn. "If I
can invest a couple hundred dollars a month in this
'deal', how much can I expect to be making in six
months," he asks. "Can I be making $5000 per month in
six month," he suggests to help direct your answer.

We struggle answering that question.

What's wrong with that question, and how do YOU
answer it?

What's wrong with that question is that it's an
open invitation for the less scrupulous to make up
an answer and assure you that your will earn "X"
dollars. Yes, it's easy enough to tell you what
others are doing, but how well you do really does
depend upon you.


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Wishing You Many Blessings and Much Success !!!   
Marquita Davis (user id: 249344) is offline. Last login: 9/20/2006 1:59:11 PM 372 Friends
Member since 8/27/2004
Ms. Marquita Davis
Gender Female
Age 49
Location Layton, UT, United States
Interests Internet and Network Marketing, Breeders of Quality Toy Parti-Poodles, Online Retail of Home & Garden Decor and Gifts, Pewter Items, Alchemy / Gothic Items, Fine Arts, Creative Marketing Ideas.
Company Magic-Treasures or Magic Parti Poodles
URL View Magic-Treasures or Magic Parti Poodles's web site
Industry Online Retail of fine Home and Garden Decor, Gift Items, Network and Internet Marketing. Breeders of Quality AKC Registered Toy Poodles & Toy Parti Poodles


Years ago network marketing, and Internet marketing,
got bad reputations because of all the extravagant claims.
Even where extravagant claims weren't made, you were
given examples of people who were earning ten times the
norm. There's nothing wrong with pointing out to a
prospect how well some people are doing. There's
something VERY WRONG with implying that your prospect
(whom you don't even know) can probably do the same.

The fact that extravagant claims (or even extravagant
insinuations) are wrong is emphasized by the fact that
the FTC has come down hard on people and companies
which engaged in this practice. Visit any website
on a business opportunity and you will see an income
disclaimer. That disclaimer will generally state that
the earnings examples offered on the site are not
typical, and no guarantee that you will earn a specific
income is being made.

Webmasters without these income disclaimer, and certain
other legal statement, on their sites leave themselves
more open to fines from regulatory agencies.

There are so many variables involved that it's just
plain WRONG to tell a prospect how much you think
he'll be able to make. I run my own Internet marketing
coaching and consulting business, and I often see two
apparently identical people, doing about the same thing,
achieve dramatically different results. How could this be?
This often happens because unrecognized factors come
into play... usually traits and habits that one person
possesses that the other doesn't.
Less than a year ago, I joined a network marketing
company that offered a product that I knew would
really help a lot of people. There were many
people with the company who had never earned a dime!
By my fifth month with the company I was the number
one recruiter and was doing so well that the company
president called ME. Other people with the same
training, same product, same up-line, and same
support hadn't achieved a fraction of what I had.

What was the difference above? It was an intangible...
It was the fact that I really cared about the success of
the people that I dealt with and they could tell. My
voice, my choice of words, and even the fact that
I told many that the business was not right for
them, was something prospects picked up on and
it caused them to trust me.

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What makes it hard to predict what someone will
earn is what we'll call the "X Factor" for lack
of a better term. "X' represents an unknown...
although if you look hard enough you can often
detect that unknown. For example, I pointed out
the fact that I really care... and have real empathy
for my prospects was one of my "X Factors." That
factor is communicated non-verbally, even over the
internet, and is a very powerful force.

Getting back to the question of how much you can
earn though. That is actually a question only the
prospect can answer. It depends upon how much he
is willing to actually DO, how bad he wants to
succeed, and even his reason for wanting to build
a successful business. All of these factors determine
how a person approaches building the business. All
of these factors determine how a person invokes those
X factors and often determine whether they will fail
or succeed.

The correct answer to "how much" is, "How much do you
want to make, how bad do you really want it, and WHY
do you want it?" Given the right answers to those
questions, an experienced coach or trainer can
predict how much a person should be able to earn. If
the person being asked "how much" doesn't determine the
answer to those core questions, he's only making up
answers. He's probably only telling you what he
thinks you want to hear. That brings us back to
what's inherently wrong with the basic question in
the first place...

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Most people that you ask that question to will answer
based upon what they think that you want to hear. It's
human nature. So don't ask a question that invites an
answer that doesn't really help you. Instead ask
questions that provide you with meaningful information.

The answer to how much you can earn within a given
business, and how fast, depends upon how much of a
burning desire you have to succeed. It depends upon
how much you are willing to do those things that will
be necessary to rise above the pack. Running with the
pack is not the way to break out of the pack. If you
are going to only do as little as practical, then you're
probably not going to earn very much. Now THERE'S
an answer you rarely get.

Closely examine any business you are considering getting
into. Look at what the top producers in that or similar
business are earning and how they are doing it. Then ask
yourself if you can and will do the same things. The answer
to that question will also answer your other question.


Willie Crawford is a corporate president, published author,
seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar speaker and host,
retired military officer, karate black belt, master network
marketing trainer, and lifetime student of marketing. He
shows people how to actually generate substantial income
on-line using very simple, easily modeled systems. An example
of such a system that you can study and duplicate is at:

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