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 Vol. 1 issue #2 Mar 6, 2002


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How to generate a high income, and
achieve the lifestyle you want.
2002 Jon Mills


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Want something better?

The trouble with life is, you need money. While most people
do what they're supposed to and get a job, some strive for
better things, reach that bit further, and try to set up
their own business. Many are successful, but many more are

The problem is, businesses need start-up capital, office
space, storage space, and hired help. This puts the
business, and the owner, under enormous pressure to do well
right from the outset. Not easy when you consider the
overheads that have to be covered, such as rent, salaries,
and the purchasing of stock.

So the message is, unless you already have a disposable
income and a business degree, don't bother, right? Well,
if you believed that, then I somehow don't think you'd be
reading this, and guess what, it's wrong!

Digital delivery,

What is digital delivery? Well, it's simply a process by
which certain products can be purchased over the Internet.
The payment is delivered directly to your bank account, and
the product likewise is sent digitally to the customer.

So, what can you sell that can be delivered digitally?
That's simple, information! The possibilities for an
information-based product are almost endless and range
from software, to specialist "how-to" reports, to e-books.

While there is profit to be made providing "real"
info-products, like books, or CDs, these incur significant
overheads through production, packaging, printing and
shipping costs. A downloadable file, however, does not.
The expenses mentioned simply don't exist, moreover the
product can be sent to the customer immediately, which is
always better than keeping them waiting for several days.

Why information?

Because it's a big seller! Information is the number one
selling product type on the Internet today. Online buyers
are now extremely comfortable with the idea of buying an
info-product that they understand will answer their
questions, resolve a problem, and improve their life as a
result. If you can create a product that does this, they'll
buy it!

But what if you don't know how to write software, or an
e-book. Well, you don't need to! There are a lot of good
products out there in need of decent marketing. When you
learn how to find them, you will always have quality
products in your inventory to sell.

This business can create amazing profits. An info-product
only has to be produced once, as reproduction is simply a
case of copying a file, and you can sell from anywhere between
$10 and $100+. So there's no inventory to maintain, nothing
to ship, and you're making almost 100% profit. As you can
imagine, it doesn't take a lot of sales to make a great deal
of money, and build the life you want.

Time on your hands,

Automation of this kind of business is easy. You can set up
your system so that a link in your ad directs customers to
your website or sales-letter. A "Click here to order" button
directs prospects to your secure order page, and after they
have submitted payment, they will automatically be given
the necessary download instructions.

You could have been sleeping, out shopping, or even in
another country, but your system still found your prospect,
convinced them to purchase your product, collected the
payment, and delivered the goods, all completely

So, what you have is a business where the overheads are
almost nothing, there's no inventory to maintain, there's
nothing to physically ship out, and automation is extremely
easy. Fantastic!

Is it for you?

This is without a doubt the best recipe anyone has ever
seen for a profitable business that can be set up and run
by just about anyone. Not only that, all you need is a
basic computer with an Internet connection, operating from
a spare room, or a kitchen table. Now isn't that wonderful?

Best of all, once you've got your first marketing project
running along nicely, it's very easy and takes very little
time to duplicate it. Using similar products, you simply
market them using exactly the same system as you did before,
creating multiple income streams.

Not bad! A business that operates smoothly in the
background, with very little in the way of maintenance
needed, providing a substantial income, and the time to
enjoy it.

What a lifestyle! Work when you want, live where you want,
do what you want, and still earn more money in a month than
most people do in a year.

So, what would you rather do?

You could remain in your job for the next few years, putting
up with all the bull.

Maybe spend a couple of years trying to set up some kind
of business for which you need start up revenue, premises,
and staff.

Or learn how to Make A Living Online.

Take care,

Jon Mills.

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