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Vol. 1 issue #21 Aug 2, 2002


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How To Make SERIOUS Money On The Internet!

2002  A.T.Rendon

Some people actually come online to make money. They join every affiliate program and MLM opportunity in sight, they email everyone they can, place ads in all the FREE Ad sites that are available, join discussion groups and basically invest HUGE amounts of time and effort for the sole purpose of reaping a profit. Does anyone actually make any money online? Yes. They do make money working online. Some folks are even lucky enough to make a LOT of money working online, more often than not by being one of the first to join a program that gets hot. But the vast majority of people operating as I have described above, will NOT make significant amounts of income.



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Sure, you can make money working as an affiliate for some other online enterprise. But you are working for someone else. The best you can hope for is to earn a small percentage of the total take involved. And, many have made money with MLM projects online but this is also a situation where you are working for someone else and for a small percentage. You will earn those small $20 or $25 commission checks after investing several months of hard work and so much time that you are lucky to reap a few pennies per hour of your time invested. That is NOT the way to make money online, that is the way to earn meager money only. But there is a secret to breaking that meager money cycle. You will NEVER make significant amounts of money working online until you change one key ingredient of the online money making recipe. That key ingredient is to make, offer and own your very own unique service or product. Do not let this idea scare you. If you can grasp this concept and act upon it, you will have established the foundation that you need to make some truly SERIOUS MONEY working online. What is my definition of making truly SERIOUS MONEY? SERIOUS MONEY is earning several thousands of dollars per month from all of your online efforts. Is this also your idea of truly SERIOUS MONEY?

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Now let's examine the key ingredients to the recipe for making this truly SERIOUS MONEY online: 

1. Make, Offer and Own Your Own Product or Service. This is the KEY ingredient of the recipe. You MUST make, offer and own your very own unique service or product. 

2. Have A Payment System In Place. You MUST have a payment system in place that will allow your customers to pay for your product or service online. 

3. Identify Your Customers. You MUST know who is your customer and you MUST know why they would want to purchase your product or service. 

4. Establish Your Own Email List. The Internet is all about GLOBAL COMMUNICATION and the most fundamental as well as the very best form is email! 

5. Build Your Web Site. Whereas email is the BEST form of COMMUNICATION, a web site is the BEST form of INFORMATION DELIVERY. 

And, not only can your web site best inform your customer, it can also then lead him or her to the CLOSE OF THE SALE. Afterall, that is the natural progression of a business transaction, be it in the real world or online in cyberspace. You attract the attention of a potential customer via COMMUNICATION, you INFORM the customer fully what, how and why your product or service will benefit their lives and you receive PAYMENT for the transfer of your goods or services. These are the fundamental, KEY ELEMENTS, necessary for successfully making truly SERIOUS MONEY online. I invite you to join a FREE 3-month email course that will show you in exact detail, a practical example of how to start and run your very own SERIOUS MONEYMAKING online business: mailto:recipe@emailexchange.org Just follow the above fundamental, KEY ELEMENTS, and you will be successful in making truly SERIOUS MONEY.

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