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Vol. 3 issue #213 Jan 01, 2007                    


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How to Do Hard Things

©2007 by Suzanne Falter-Barns

One of the harsh little realities of pursuing a dream is that
sooner or later, you're going to have to do some stuff you don't
like very much. It's just plain inevitable. Enter
procrastination. Dread. Meltdown. Complete inertia.

But the prospect of doing the tough stuff doesn't have to stop
you cold. To that end, I've been teasing out some different ways
you can keep going. Here are a few of my favorites:

* Play music. I learned this when I started running, or
'jogging' as we called it back in the 70's. Clamping on the
headphones made it go so much better. Even today, as I pound the
treadmill, it's just so much easier if I've got country music
videos playing along while I work out.

In fact, I recently saw a movie in which a soldier talks about
overcoming his fear and going into battle by listening to heavy
metal music piped into his helmet. Neurosurgeons, emergency room
docs, and others in high-pressure operating theaters often play
lightly upbeat, soothing music to keep stress under control as
they work.

* 'Bookend it'. This is a phrase the 12-steppers wisely use for
calling up a supportive friend before AND after a tough task …
just so you're accountable out there to someone. Use the phone
or email and make that connection. You'll be less likely to
procrastinate your way out of it.

* Delegate. Got a task you just can't somehow do? I always have
three or four lurking around the edges of my desk, until the day
I rise up and give it away. Hire a local teenager, elderly
person who wouldn't mind a little light work, a family member,
or even a local odd-jobs person to come in one day and give you
a hand with all or your 'hard stuff.' If the problem seems to be
on-going, hire a Virtual Assistant, from one of the on-line
sources like AssistU.com. This is a person you hire on an
hourly basis, usually in some other part of the country, who
helps you electronically with all kinds of administrative needs.
If you can't afford to find help, buddy up with a friend and
offer to do each other's 'hard stuff' in an even swap.

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* Plan a big, juicy reward. We're talking one you seriously want
…and the nastier the task, the bigger the reward. If you must,
combine this with book-ending, to make sure you not only do the
task, but reward yourself as well.

* Dare yourself to not do it. Really imagine life without this
particular task completed. Then see what the consequences are.
Truly dire? If not, maybe you can actually drop the hard thing
from your to-do list. On the other hand, will you be
disappointed? Will things just not seem right somehow? Better
use that image of disappointment to move your dream along.

* Jump in, first thing. We tend to be fresher, and less
conflicted, stressed or distracted first thing in the morning
(post-coffee, of course.) That's the best time to seriously
seize the day and do the hard thing. Success manuals all preach
doing it first, and they're right. It works.

* Envision the goal. Is it 1000 new subscribers to your ezine?
Is it a potential big sale that will change your business, or
leaving a job that will help you live your dream? Make a little
note and park it somewhere that's frequently in your line of
site, such as a Post It on your computer screen. (You can word
it obscurely to protect your privacy in an open office
environment.) By keeping you attention on the big picture,
you'll naturally get less hung up on the day-to-day small

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* Impose a temporary goal. One of my dreaded tasks is
vocalizing, or exercising my vocal cords every day in an effort
to keep my singing voice in shape. Just about the only motivator
I've found that works is always having a small përformance just
ahead … especially in times when I'm working on a long-term
project that doesn't 'need' my voice anytime soon. Knowing I
have to perform, even at a dinner party, keeps me interested in
staying in shape. Same would apply if you want to work out on a
regular basis. Find a charity fun run or walkathon you can get
yourself in shape for.

That should give you some fodder for facing the harsh realities
of life, and getting on with those annoyingly procrastinated to-do's. Feng Shui experts insist this 'mental clutter' keeps us
small and inefficient; once we actually go through the hard
stuff, and clear out our anxiety and procrastination, we thrive.

And guess what? They're absolutely right!

Create a better to-do list

One of my little projects for the summer was to tame my unruly,
wildly unreliable to-do list. Somehow it spilled out of my date
book, spewing Post-Its all over my desk and computer, with
another undocumented stack of tasks always clogging up my inbox.
What to do?

First I read David Allen's book, Getting Things Done, and a
little light bulb went off in my head. Allen suggests organizing
tasks by the location where you do them. So you maintain lists
like 'At Computer', 'Errands', 'Office Time' and 'Calls to
Make'. That's easy and efficient. Allen then has several
suggestions on where to keep these lists.

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I choose the Tasks function of Outlook, on my computer, and boy
is that terrific! Every day when I turn on my email, there's my
task list staring me in my face. Productivity experts note that
a graphic portrayal of tasks is actually helpful in
understanding, and being motivated by them. Some are done, some
are undone … and I can divide them into location lists, chëck
lists, a timeline, or any kind of list I want at the click of a

Not only that, the computer actually gets me to put a time frame
on all tasks (if I want) and then reminds me when the deadline
is near or past.

This is just the kind of office structure a meandering, creative
mind like mine (and yours?) needs to keep focused and on track.


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