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Vol. 3 issue #222 March 12, 2007                    


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Triple The Response Of Your $ales Letters By Harnessing The Mysterious Power Of Mind-Reading
Copyright 2007 by Mike Jezek


Want to know a clever way to instantly supercharge your sales letters? One that most of your competition doesn't even have a clue about or are just to lazy to implement. 

What would that mean to you? 
Perhaps a small fortune, or even a big one! 
Well, in the next few moments as you follow what I'm saying... 
you're about to discover exciting possibilities for you and your business as you read this article.

Today, I'm revealing a proven way to potentially triple the response of your sales letters. In fact, 
this very technique called "Mind-Reading" may enable you to eclipse your competitors, close more market share, and make you far more money than you can imagine. Let me explain. 

Your prospects are going to have questions about you, and your products or services. And if you can answer their questions in the manner they were going to ask them and present it to them in a format resembling their thinking processes - you're sales letter's potential for success increases many times over! 

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When you ask the questions your prospects will want answers to in a way that mirrors their thinking patterns you can develop an almost "intuitive link" with them. 

What do I mean by that? 
If you discovered who your prospects were, what kind of people they are, and how they think, 
and then asked the questions they ask, you'll develop an incredible rapport and trust with them. And be able to tell your prospects exactly what they wanted to hear to make them whip out their credit cards and buy. In fact, you'll be able to deal a knockout blow to your competition by having keen insight on this knowledge. Here's a good example that comes to mind...

In politics, many politicians poll for data to uncover the hot buttons that'll cause the masses to support them. Especially, in the area of trying to weasel out of a looming scandal, they'll have political pr specialists do focus groups and poll for data that'll best give a troubled politician 
a workable strategy to get out of a dilemma. 

And often, those politicians will create themes and slogans (even if they don't believe in them) 
that connect with their constituents on an emotional level. People will feel like that politician is concerned about them and understand them whether it's true or not.


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How does this apply to you and your business? 
Do this... create a survey that asks what questions your prospect list will have. Find out exactly why your prospects do business with you. Ask why your prospects do business with you and not your competition. Ask what changes your prospects want from you. And find out what do your prospects want you to emphasize in your products or services. You could go on and on 
for your particular situation. Once you have your survey created, contact your prospect list and give them an incentive for answering your survey. Something like a free ebook, a discount, a free report, or a free product.   Use your imagination.

Keep in mind that as you create your survey you also want to discover what kind of lifestyle your prospects have. Such as what kind of books they read, what kind of car they drive, their philosophies on life, and so on. Now don't make your survey intimidating. Make it a fast and enjoyable experience for greater results.

And once you do this... apply the information you've gathered and reformat your sales letters and the appearance of your sales letters and websites to mirror the tastes of your prospects. 

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Result? Your prospects will feel that you understand them. They'll feel much more inclined to trust you and believe what you tell them. And once you do that... 
you'll not only experience a windfall of money and profits, you'll also want put your sales letter in a plaque and hang it up above your TV.

Bottom line: Build an almost intuitive link with your prospects by surveying them to discover what triggers them to buy from you. And discover what kind of people you're dealing with. 
Use that knowledge and infuse it into your sales letters. You'll make people feel like you know them, that you understand them. Now watch out! You'll be astonished at the tremendous results! 
Even if your competition has a fantastic copywriter, you're sales letter has more statistical probability of eating your competition alive. 



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Copyright 2002 Mike Jezek

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