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Vol. 3 issue #242 Aug 27, 2007                    


"Start Living Like You're Retired, This Year"

Long-Time Internet Marketing Guru Jim Daniels and a personal friend of mine is giving you a chance to bypass a payment screen to secure an extremely valuable $97.00 Report for FREE!

This report, according to Jim, shows you "A Business That Could Let You Start Living Like You're Retired, This Year".

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Road Map To Riches
Copyright 2007 by Ed Weeks

The RoadMap To Riches Review! I know when you are searching the internet looking for a business you will see many outstanding claims of people making tons of cash, or PPC ads saying don’t join this, or just about anything else. Read on for the honest review you need.

So what is RoadMap To Riches? The RoadMap To Riches product line contains some amazing personal development and marketing books, which is over a $9 billion dollar per year industry. Many high net worth individuals spend $1000s each and every year on personal development books. Besides having access to the awesome product line, you have the ability to make 100% commission on a $999 sale. This is why people join this business.

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Stephen's General Info

Steve Shrubsall   
 18 Friends
Member since 6/5/2007
mr Stephen Shrubsall
Gender Male
Age 42
Location Burleigh Waters, Queensand, Australia
Interests Beauty, Friends, Radio, Religion, Photography, International, Current Events, News, Shopping, Blogs, TV, Affiliates, Holistic, Family, Swimming, Lifestyle, Ancestry, E-Books, Pop Culture, Audio/Video, Advertising, Vitamins, Biking, E-Business, Learning, Jokes&Quotes, Romance, Lotteries, Software, General Health, Communications, Video Games, Publishing, Relaxation, Writing, Music, Weight Loss, Jewelry, Female Health, Investing, Cards&Games, Teaching, Fitness, Surfing, Internet, Marketing, Philosophy, Cats, Kung fu,chi kung, Other Sports, Movies&Film, Reading, Cooking, Self-Development, Male Health, Nutrition, Gambling, Computers
Company Focus Forward High Profit Building
URL View Focus Forward High Profit Building's web site
Industry Marketing, Friends, International, Fitness, MLM, Affiliates, Bizopp, Holistic, Lifestyle, E-Books, Advertising, Vitamins, E-Business, Learning, Software, General Health, Communications, Publishing, Networking, Weight Loss, Investing, Teaching, Blogs, Internet, Kung fu,chi kung, Other Sports, Reading, Self-Development, Nutrition, Computers

When you join R2R, you have to pay your sponsor $999 to become an active member. There is also a monthly administration fee of $49 (which can be eliminated by a onetime payment of $350). You can also pay a monthly fee of $49.95 and become an active member by referring 4 others to your sponsor – which is very much like a test drive!

Once you have paid or refer 4 other paying member, you are now an active member and have access to the most complete back office on the internet. The training is unbelievable. You will also have access to all the personal development tools. The information in the back office will help anyone new to online network marketing have a better understanding where to begin.

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

Next fee – once you are ready to market is the set up for a merchant account to accept credit cards which runs $59 for signup. You can use several other online forms of payment like PayPal which are free. This process takes about two business days to be complete so if you are planning on getting started I urge you to sign up for your merchant account right away.

RoadMap To Riches is a aussie-2up payment plan. This means that your first two sales you make are passed up to your sponsor (or 4 if you only pay a $49.95 monthly fee to start). Once you have made two sales (or 4) you are now a qualified powerline and the sales you make are 100% yours. Than that person owes you two, than those two owe you two, and so on and so forth. So there is an incredible potential to earn residuals from only one sale.

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

Last fees which are ongoing are for marketing. You can access many tools in your back office to learn to market the right way on the internet. My team has a weekly call to discuss what is working and what is not. Everyone here is awesome!

Many MLMers and reps from other companies like EDC gold, Coastal Vacations and Passport To Wealth are jumping on board with Road Map To Riches. I am one of those reps and I think everyone needs to take a look into this new beast!

Bottom line – this program rocks. Visit www.r2rguru.com to learn more!


Ed Weeks

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ed_Weeks
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