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Vol. 3 issue #244 Sep 24, 2007                    


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Once Upon the Internet
Copyright 2007 by Mercedes Moss

Once upon a time a man lived on a planet called the INTERNET, otherwise known as ONLINE or the WORLDWIDE WEB. It was a wild, spooky planet filled with nations, towns, villages and houses called WEB SITES. Each web site was governed by A WEBMASTER, who was generally addressed as the President, the CEO, Prime Minister, Mayor or even Big Boss. The official government security system of the sites was called SSL, although there were many private firms such as Verisign, Norton, McAFee Suite, BullGuard 6.0 to name a few. You had to be careful with Internet housebreakers who called themselves HACKS and the con men who would try to SCAM people out of their money.

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Steve's General Info

Enjoying the travel perks in sunny Texas   
Steve Baker (user id: stevebaker) is offline. Last login: 7/6/2007 2:44:48 PM 105 Friends
Member since 2/11/2007
Mr. Steve Baker
Gender Male
Age 37
Location Goshen, IN, United States
Interests Marketing, Friends, Horses, Photography, Current Events, Shopping, MLM, TV, News, Swimming, Lifestyle, Radio, Direct Selling, Advertising, Wholesale, Vitamins, Dogs, Internet, Biking, Romance, General Health, Movies and Film, Networking, Relaxation, Writing, Music, Nature, Hiking, Cars, Golf, Investing, Teaching, Fitness, Jewelry, Skiing, Camping, Finances, Hardware, Hunting, Travel, Other Sports, Reading, Cooking, Fishing, Self-Development, Male Health, Nutrition, Computers
Company Your Travel Biz International
URL View Your Travel Biz International's web site
Industry Marketing, Other Sports, International, Current Events, Shopping, MLM, Basketball, Bizopp, Baseball, Lifestyle, E-Books, Direct Selling, Audio/Video, Advertising, Wireless, Math, Learning, Internet, Software, Travel, Networking, Writing, Golf, Investing, Teaching, Skiing, Blogs, Finances, Football, Reading, Self-Development, Wholesale, Computers

Some people would go as far as placing FIREWALLS around their homes in self defense. If this was not enough, the Internet was inhabited by creepy, crawly creatures called WEB CRAWLERS and SPIDERS who would search insidiously for people, places and things. Children always screamed in fright when they saw them. No one wanted to see one, but they wanted to see you. You could remain almost invisible to them unless you OPTIMIZED or put your name in the Internet directory. The Internet police would do SEARCHES to find people and other things online. They used SEARCH ENGINES, a rather frightening vehicle that could make a HIT (not an accident), in seconds.

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On a less frightening note, the people who live online would drive from place to place on the busy INTERNET HIGHWAY. They would shout "yahoo" as they passed one another and sometimes slow down to GOOGLE at ADS on billboards(a rather dangerous trend). They had to be particularly careful at major intersections such as COMMISSION JUNCTION, or they could get HIT. They would mainly entertain themselves as they traveled by listening to music and the latest events on RADIO DOT COM, one of the major Internet radio stations. The broadcasting was done mainly in TEXT, the main language of most speakers. HTML was the other Internet language, but most people's eyes would become glassy and begin TO GOOGLE if they heard it, because it was a strange gobble-dee-gooky kind of thing that only Martians speak.

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The people living online deposited their earnings at CLICKBANKS. DOT NETS were their main source of recreation and included games like DOT TENNIS, DOT TABLE TENNIS and DOT VOLLEY BALL. Some people even insisted that SURFING was an all year activity, although others seriously questioned this. Never mind, the SURFERS said, what could be stranger than bogeying all night at BLOGOSPHERE, that crazy Internet disco? I would like to live on this planet. How about you?


The author is a prolific writer who believes that God has a say in human affairs and reveals them to His servants. Blogs on http://www.pppministries.blogspot.com

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