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Vol. 4 issue #254 Feb 27, 2008                    


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How To Find The Right Work-Life Vision
Copyright 2008 by
Diana Keith
It's a question we ask ourselves from time to time. Do I really love what I'm doing? Do I even like my chosen path? The keyword here is choice. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a business leader, the business path you're on is largely due to the choices you've made. You're thinking, that may be true, but now I feel stuck.

Where To Start

Begin by asking: What are my strengths? What do I really like to do?

This sounds good on paper, but how is that really going to alter my reality? These two questions are simply the seeds of an approach that will help you examine and change your situation in real time each and every day.

How To Increase Your Choices

You are going to explore your peak experiences. These are moments when we're at our best. I know it sounds mushy, but remember you are trying to change your work trajectory so it may mean navigating unfamiliar ground.

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According to renowned psychologist, Abraham Maslow, peak experiences make us feel as if we have a sense of purpose. This new awareness can help you maximize your opportunities and choices because over time you'll become clearer on what you do or don't want.

How To Recognize Peak Experiences

1. What you're doing feels effortless and enjoyable.

2. No stress

3. Time passes quickly.

4. You are fully absorbed in what you're doing.

5. You have great clarity with what you're involved in.


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Start identifying these experiences. As you become more aware of them, the more clear the route to building your business life around them will become. Keep in mind, at first these types of experiences may not seem as if they could be directly related to business.

Peak moments can be as simple as appreciating a beautiful sunset, which could relate to a career or business involving spending time outdoors. Another approach would be recognizing when time spent with certain people leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Pay attention to their personalities, and what you happen to learn from them. This may have implications for your new business path.


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Four Ways To Get Started Doing What You Love

1. Practice becoming aware of your peak experiences.

You may already love the business you're in, although maybe you don't connect with the people on your team. You have the control to change companies or if you're the owner, you may need to examine your team and how they align with your goals. Have a trusted advisor coach your progress and results. Be accountable for making changes.

2. Start to jot your peak moments down.

Keep track and keep them visible. Over time, things will start to click for you. Entrepreneurs may want to incorporate changes into their business plan. If you're at the helm of a start up, then you can begin ahead of the game.

3. Integrate them into your business life.

Create a plan to build your peak experiences into your work. Look at where you're passions and expertise overlap. This is a good place to start.

4. Consider writing out your work-life vision.

You don't have a documented business plan that aligns with your life? Don't worry you're not alone. Start with a half page and then add on to create a plan that will get you there. However, you must apply your plan.

My Suggestion: Post these tips on your fridge, desk, or on your car dash as a reminder until it becomes a habit.

The Big Message here is to get on your way to creating a business path that you love, or at the very least, enjoy.



Diana Keith, owner of M-Level Systems Consulting, works with entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to Make Their Vision a Reality. Get Diana's Free Strategy Guide For Success at her website, http://www.mlevelsystems.com
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