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Vol. 4 issue #262 July 10, 2008                    


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Domain Parking Basics

by Isha Osborne
The complete guide on generating domains revenue.

1-Purchase the domain
2-Park/Make the site
3-Optimize the domain
5-Parking/PPC Sites
6-Experts views
7-Listing Domain For Sale
8-Domain Brokers

1- Purchasing The Domain
This the Most Important stage, as such the name of the domain the Registrar of the domain and the popularity of the domains place a crucial in making good money from the domain for Newbie we can suggest go for Godaddy.com for purchasing new domains its very easy to use and good technical support.


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Mandy McEwen (user id: mand4mac3) is offline. Last login: 6/13/2008 1:30:53 PM 61 Friends
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Mandy McEwen
Gender Female
Age 23
Location Overland Park, ks, United States
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Company Spider Web Marketing
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Industry Marketing, Internet, MLM, Affiliates, E-Books, Advertising, Networking, Investing, Blogs, Computers
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2-Park/Make The Site
After Buying a Domain, we can build a website on it, rather we can even Park The Domain. This is what we are going to talk about in this Post. Domain Parking includes no cost, just managing the DNS well, and its done. I'll Explain this Domain Parking from Cradle to Grave Requirements.

1st - Domain Name Registration
2nd- Domain Parking Account
3rd- Basic Domain Knowledge
4th- Paypal Account

3-Optimize the domain
Domain Optimization, it is the process in which the registered domain is made to indexed in Google, Yahoo, Msn & various other Search Engines. For this it requires some Basic SEO knowledge. Domain Optimization should also be done in Domain Parking Account, by setting the right keyword for the Domain. Suppose the Domain Name is "KoreanJewellery.com", then in Domain Parking Account, we should manage well the keyword as "Korean Jewellery ".


Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..
4- Earning
Domain Earning is a very fast growing industry you can earn from 10-1000 $ month or more from the domains, for increasing your domain revenue one should have good domains with natural or expired domain traffic.

5-Parking/PPC Sites
Leading Parking Companies am listing them here

1] Trafficz
2] DomainSponsor
3] ActiveAudience
4] Sedo
5] SmartName
6] Goldkey
7] Revenuedirect
8] Fabulous
9] Parked
10] Dotzup
11] Hitfarm
12] Namedrive
13] DomainSpa
14] ParkingPanel
15] DomainHop
16] Partitnow
17] Dotzup
18] Imonetize

This list is according to my view, nothing official or related to business.
These Companies are listed as per their payment cycle, their click through rates. The higher the click through rates, the Company is listed Up.


Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..


6-Experts views
Ronak Shah says domain parking is the fastest growing industry in the world and further says "u can have a shop at texas and get 20-30 customers daily and at new york 10-15 daily but if you have a site and manage it well you may receive 100000 real potential visitors which can bring in lots of business in true sense.

7-Listing Domain For Sale
To sell off the domains u may list them with various site which can make the sale of the domain. Sedo Leads the industry in selling the domain names, with providing the good parking services.

8-Domain Brokers
There are some brokers who helps selling up our domains. There are some webs as well, some forums where in we can list our domains on for sale. Namely Dnforum, Forums.digitalpoint, etc.




Isha Osborne is an EzineArticles Expert Author.
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