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Vol. 4 issue #263 July 24, 2008                    


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Why Web Traffic is Important For an Online Business

by Winson Yeung
If you own an online business, then you already know that to be successful you have to be able to generate traffic to your website. While not every visitor to your website buys from you, at least you made them check you out and that is half the battle. Hopefully the visitor will remember your website and if they are in the market for what you sell they will come back. You really want to target traffic to your website who will be the most likely to buy your products and services.

As the owner of your own business, you want to find out where your visitors are coming from. Once you have that information you will know where to concentrate your advertising efforts because you will have targeted people most likely to buy from you. There are plenty of software analytical packages that you can get that will help you figure out where your current traffic is coming from, and other useful statistics.

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Industry Marketing, Friends, Self-Development, International, Art, Beauty, Fitness, Blogs, Affiliates, Bizopp, Holistic, Family, Lifestyle, Direct Selling, Psychology, Advertising, Vitamins, E-Business, Learning, Internet, Software, Parenting, Male Health, General Health, Communications, Networking, Relaxation, Writing, Shopping, Weight Loss, Female Health, Kids, Investing, Teaching, Interior Design, Audio/Video, Medication, Finances, Philosophy, Science, Schools, Nutrition, Wholesale, Movies and Film
Blog Last Post: "Where Much Gathers More"
Posted on: 6/9/2008
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Increasing traffic to your website will result in higher sales for your online business. One way to increase traffic is to provide free content that your visitors can use. Think about adding blog entries about the products that you sell. If you sell pet supplies, write a blog from your pet's point of view. If you sell electronics then review the products that you sell.


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Tags or keywords are important, and that is how people find your website. Make sure that you have relevant keywords to find your target audience. If you sell children's books, don't just have the tag as "books." You'll want to add tags that you think people will search on, so you might want to think about kid, kid's, child, children, books, and so on.


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Google AdWords can be used to drive traffic to your website. You set up your budget, create your advertisement and key words which are phrases related to your online business. Google will show your ad when people try searching on Google for your keywords. This will generate traffic to your online business.



My name is Winson Yeung, a marketing guru and traffic expert, who over the years has helped newbies, intermediate marketers, and even veteran marketers break the cycle of getting less than the traffic that they truly deserve.
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