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Vol. 4 issue #265 August 20, 2008                    


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3 Survival Tips For Affiliate Marketers

by Kelly Yuile
All affiliate marketers are looking for a market that will be successful and pay them a modest paycheck. Often they think there is some sort of magic formula available that will turn them into super affiliates over night. However, there is no magic formula. Just dedication, patience and good marketing practices.

There are many tactics that have worked in the past with affiliate marketing, and these tried and true methods are still working today. By following these top three marketing tips you will be able to survive and excel in the affiliate marketing world.

What are these three tactics?

1. It is not a good idea to lump all of your affiliate products together on one website. Every one of your products needs to have its own unique website. This is a little more costly in the beginning since you have web hosting for each site, but in the long run it will prove to work to your advantage. So your visitors can have an understanding of what your product is, and what it will provide for them once they have purchased, it is a great idea to include a product review. Another great selling point is to include testimonials from people who have already purchased the product. Having proof that the product has actually been beneficial to others gives your visitors the peace of mind that they are not about to be ripped off!

Your website should include articles that highlight the use of your product. Make your pages interesting and compelling, pointing to the special points and benefits that your product provides. The customer should want to keep on reading, to find out all that they can and then in all likelihood make a purchase.

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2. Everyone loves to get something for free, that is why it is a great marketing tactic to give away a free report or e-book. Try and position this at the top of your website so that it can't be missed. You may also want to add a sign up form for your newsletter. Research shows that a sale is closed usually on the seventh contact with prospects.

When people visit your website one of two things can happen; either they will buy your product or they will leave, probably never to return again. By having these people signed up for your newsletter, they will be subtly reminded about what they will gain from making the purchase. However, do not make your newsletters a direct sales pitch. Direct people towards specific reasons why to buy the product.


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These reasons could focus on how your product will make life easier and more enjoyable for the purchaser, how your product is able to resolve a problem etc. To inspire people to actually open your emails make sure the subject line has a compelling title, but try not to use "free" as you email will be blocked by spam filters.

3. Get the kind of traffic that is actively searching for the products you are selling. If the people who are visiting your website have absolutely no interest in what you are selling then it is very unlikely that you will make a sale. Write articles for publication, then submit them to article directories that focus on the subject of your target audience.



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To gain maximum benefits from article submission try to write and submit a minimum of two articles per week. By continually submitting articles you can generate at least 100 visitors to your site each day. This is not a difficult tactic, it just requires some time and effort to write and submit your articles. But the effort you put into marketing your website will be well worth it.

Not all affiliate marketers achieve success, but you have to tools and know how to survive. By following these three tips for all of your affiliate programs you are setting yourself up for a very a very profitable career.




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