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Vol. 4 issue #267 September 17, 2008                    


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25 Specific & Unique E-book Topics and How to Find Your Own E-book Ideas

by Kristin James

Anyone can write an e-book. You don't have to be an experienced author or have a college degree in Journalism or Literature. You also don't have to submit your manuscript to a publishing house for approval (or rejection). Anyone can write an e-book and publish it online. Writing e-books can also be very lucrative and enable the author to work from just about anywhere.

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Janet's General Info

Don and Janet Legere on the Shaklee Cruise   
Janet Legere (user id: 13207) is offline. Last login: 10/13/2008 5:23:25 AM 1800 Friends
Member since 4/12/2004
Janet Legere
Gender Female
Age 54
Location Calgary, AB, Canada
Interests Bizopp, Advertising, MLM, Internet, Marketing, Direct Selling, Networking, Affiliates, E-Business
Company Earth Friendly Biz
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Industry Bizopp, Advertising, Self-Development, MLM, Internet, Marketing, Direct Selling, Networking, Affiliates, E-Business
Blog Last Post: Invest Your Advertising Budget Wisely
Posted on: 10/11/2008
Gallery Last Picture: Shaklee Canada Presents Car to Janet & Don Legere
Posted on: 4/11/2008


The idea or topic for your book is where it all starts. Finding original, interesting and in-demand topics can be the greatest challenge you face in the entire process. Typically, you want to focus on serving a niche market, which is a group of people who have a very specialized, defined interest. You want to provide information that the niche market is going to find invaluable and worth paying for. You don't want to spend hours researching and writing something that no one is interested in buying.


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Here are some basic guidelines you can use to find an e-book topic:
  • What subjects am I familiar with or experienced at?
  • What subjects am I interested in learning more about?
  • What areas do people have problems in?
  • What is popular or hot right now?
  • What niche markets are under-served?
  • What are the best sellers at book stores?
  • What types of headlines and articles do magazines promote?
  • What are people searching for online?
  • What can I do to make an existing product even better?
  • What can I provide in-depth information on?
  • Ask your friends and family for ideas.
  • Use a search engine to find out how much info is already available for the niche market.


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If you are having trouble coming up with your own ideas, here are a few to get you started:
  1. How to earn a living while traveling for extended periods of time
  2. Own a home mortgage-free: build it yourself, find cheap materials, pay as you build, etc.
  3. How going "green" will save you money
  4. Alternative medicine for pets
  5. Bargain hunting at thrift stores and flea markets
  6. Save money on new furniture and reupholster your old furniture
  7. Makeover any recipe so it is low-fat, low in calories and nutritious
  8. Gardening in small spaces
  9. Creating curb appeal for your home
  10. Refinish your hardwood floors yourself
  11. Chemicals in our food: artificial preservatives, flavorings and dyes
  12. Find the right combination of diet and exercise for weight loss
  13. What the celebrities do to stay fit
  14. Best exercises to target specific body areas
  15. How to get and stay motivated
  16. Learn how to be charming
  17. How to stop smoking for good
  18. Beauty tips and remedies from all over the world
  19. Stopping the pattern of bad relationships
  20. Making sex last longer
  21. Making a profit in real estate in a down market
  22. Free stuff: where to find it and how to get it
  23. Debt-free living
  24. Turning a job interview into a job offer
  25. Tips and tricks of professional chefs


Do you want hundreds of unique e-book topic ideas just like the ones listed above?

Get 759 original and hot e-book topics at http://ebook-topic-ideas.com/.




Kristin James is an EzineArticles ExpertAuthor. Copyright 2008 Kristin James
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