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Vol. 4 issue #276 January 28, 2009                    


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Five Important Things You Shouldn't Miss in Launching a New Product

by Menno Spijkstra
Launching a new product in the market is as serious as creating it; for what is the use of creating a product when it will not sell in the end. After all, your purpose is to make a profit out of it. So before launching it, you have to make sure that it will definitely be a success. There are five important things I want to share with you to make it successful.

Firstly, gather information about your prospects. If you're a businessman, you surely know how vital information is to your business. There is in fact so much information that you need to know in order to stay in business, especially in this very competitive age. One information that you need to know is about your prospects. Your prospects are the people you expect to buy your product. You should have known them before you started with product creation. But then, you must keep yourself abreast while you're in the process of launching a new product. There might be some changes in the market from the time of creation up to the plan of launching. The information that you need would include their needs, wants, preferences, gender, age, geographical location, and income. You can get the information about your prospect by conducting research and survey.

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Secondly, after knowing your prospects, brainstorm for an offer they can't resist. This is very important when you are launching a new product because aside from being new, there are also many competitors which might have been giving out a better offer. If you fail to make an irresistible offer, then how are you going to make your first sale? Do not also forget that for you to make a better offer you must know what others are doing. In other words, determine who your competitors are and find out what their offers are. Then think of something that will make yours different. You'll be making a big impact to the market if you offer something that is totally different.


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Thirdly, make your prospects aware that your product exist. Do this in advance, at least two to three weeks before the actual product lunching. This can be done by joining forums, writing articles about it and participating in other online activities.

Fourthly, select the best date of launching. Be very careful in choosing the best date because timing plays a big part in the success of a business. Of course, you don't want to launch it together with its competitors, especially if they already have established a big name in the market.


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Lastly, be financially prepared because launching a new product is no joke at all. In fact, the things that I have mentioned earlier require you to spend money. For example, getting the right information through research and surveys requires money. Don't hesitate to spend if the circumstances require. It's an investment that will surely give you a satisfying return to your investment if things work out well. Of course if you expect a return, then you also have to invest. That's reality. Again, launching a new product is very critical to your business, so you must do it right. Don't miss these five important things.



The author of this article Menno Spijkstra is an Internet Marketing specialist who has been successful with several affiliate programs for many years. Menno finally decided to share his knowledge and experience through his website http://www.AffiliateDistrict.com You can sign up for his free newsletter and join his coaching program.
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