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Vol. 4 issue #277 February 11, 2009                    


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Business Success - Top 7 Tips

by Patricia Seamon
Most assuredly, to be a success at anything as well as business, you must know the basics of your particular business.

Starting with Number 7 Top Tip for Business Success, do your homework. Get on the web or visit and interview people who are already successful in the type of business you have or are considering starting. You will be surprised at how generous like business people will be as long as you are not a direct threat to their territory.

The Number 6 Top Tip is pay attention. Pay attention to everything that goes on around you. Business associates and customers are giving off advice with their words and actions whether they are aware of it or not. Attentive people are more apt to gain specialized educations from their surroundings.

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Sandra's General Info

Enjoys Helping People Live Their Dreams and Get Financial Freedom!   
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Ms. Sandra Essex
Gender Female
Location Riverdale, Georgia, United States
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The Number 5 Top Tip for Business Success relates to how you relate to others. A little attention to people skills goes a long way. If there is an agitator in the workplace, they won't be there for long. Co-workers will complain and the boss will be forced to transfer the problem or eliminate it. It's easier to go with the flow and look for the good in your fellowman.

When choosing the Number 4 Top Tip it was a toss up. It was either go the extra mile or find a way to co-operate with all the departments of the company you work for. So, you get two for number four. Whether you think it is noticed or not, everyone is aware of the people who go the extra mile at work. It displays a work ethic that is desirable in any line of work. Co-operating with other departments includes more than just the ones you work with everyday. If you consider what it takes other departments to accomplish their job, your chances of promotion will increase. An opening might become available in another department that would be a promotion for you. Your own promotion of productive relationships will help you get the nod.



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Now for Number 3 Top Tip for Business Success. This is similar to the number 7 Top Tip but is much more defined. Find a mentor! There are organizations of retired professionals whose goal is to share what they have learned through all their years of experience. Chances are there will be someone who spent their lifetime in the same business you are in or want to start. Save your time and energy...take advantage of what someone else took years to learn. It's like starting where they left off.

The Number 2 Top Tip is simple but powerful. What ever is important to your boss, make that important to you. Don't be fooled that if you have your own business, you don't have a boss. A successful business owner knows well that the customer is the boss. Listen, and then put into practice what you hear is important to them. Many business people miss this because they are trying to reinvent the proverbial wheel. Try it; you will be convinced and prosperous.


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And now for the Number 1 Top Tip for Business Success. This is listed as number one because it is what you need to do first. You must choose a business area that you are passionate about. Everyone can get bored when going through the motions of their job day after day. You can become a robot. If you sincerely answer this question and follow through on the answer, your odds of being a success is multiplied almost a hundred fold. What is it that when you do it, you lose track of time? That's it. What captures your attention so powerfully that you forget about everything else? The answer is what you should pursue.

You can build a business or become a part of any business you want. Make sure it's one you are passionate about. One caution...you might want to make sure your wrist watch has an alarm on it.




Patricia Seamon is a seasoned writer of over 30 years. She has authored several screenplays and recently a Christian novel. Her article content descriptions are wide and varied. Patricia has a business background in real estate, insurance, lending and travel. Her forte has been to start small businesses, get them up and running then sell them to people who would like to work for themselves but lack the courage or knowledge of how to do it alone. She currently runs an independent mobile loan closing business for major lenders. Patricia also has experience in animal care and training. She is a disciplined stable writer with integrity.
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