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Vol. 4 issue #285 June 3, 2009                    


“SHOCKING” News for you... 

A message from the Internet Marketing Center's Derek Gehl, one of THE smartest Internet marketers, is retiring. Now more than EVER, (think 'recession'), people need some SERIOUS help making money online... and he just up and quits?!

Check out the special web page he posted explaining in more detail why he's retiring, how he has built an amazing team of experts he's passing the torch to, it all makes sense...

As a final "farewell," he's actually putting together everything he *knows* about making money on the Internet! That's $100 MILLION worth of experience and strategy secrets.

Here is the website where you can find out about Derek's entire collection of Internet marketing strategies and it is only going to be available for a short time, so you need to check it out RIGHT AWAY!

      Derek Gehl’s Insiders Marketing Strategies and Secrets

P.S. Derek's created more success stories than any other "guru" out there, so you KNOW his strategies will work for you, too.

10 Recession Proof Businesses to Start in 2009

By Joe Daley

With the recession showing no signs of blowing away, most business getting back to their original growth path has become wishful thinking. In this scenario, economists and their forecasts have not been of much help and survival, especially for the small and medium enterprises, is fast becoming a critical issue. If most already haven't, most of these business owners are looking at better and more fruitful options and giving a serious thought to start a recession proof business in 2009. With job security hitting a new low, many employees are also thinking in the same lines. Here are a few options from which one could select the right one commensurate with their skill set and interest.

Selling video games: This is a huge market in the USA with 2008 seeing a turnover in excess of $21 billion. Despite the recession, entertainment is a big industry and many Americans use it to "take a break" from the stress. This would be good business to start in recession if you can get your hands on used video game machines.


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Hollywood: Hollywood has always had the reputation of being recession-proof since people still watch movies during recession. With a lot of studios around the country, starting a business that offers support services is a great option. Again, this service has a lot of specific areas that you can select from.

Dating: Another necessity of recession is love and online dating is geared to grow by an awesome 50% this year. It is time to get your foot in the door since this is another recession proof business.

Baby industry: Baby toys and accessories in good condition are always in demand. If you can get yourself into this business, parents always look for good deals and you could make a killing even with the recession.

Weddings: Wedding services are not prone to recession. People still get married. You can start a wedding service business in the areas of planning, photography, music or catering.


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Death: Sounds morbid, but this is another business that is recession-proof and has a lot of potential (sic!). Operating funeral homes, pre-selling burial lots and body preparation for burial can be a few options here.

Bed n Breakfast: Recession hot people look for short holidays and you can turn this into an opportunity if you can open a bed n breakfast in your town, of course you should be close to a few local attractions.

Home Products: Moving home products like soap, toothpaste or razor blades are always in demand. If you can wholesale and distribute these items between the manufacturer and the retailer, you can be recession-proof for life.


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Design: Logo design and rebranding are some exercises that most companies undertake during a recession. If you are a logo designer, have aesthetic design skills and are comfortable working form home, you can market yourself a little and make a small fortune, if you can throw in marketing or sales brochure design in addition to logo design.

Cosmetics: Women will be women and recession does not hit them as hard. They still want to look beautiful and will keep spending on cosmetics. In fact, many cosmetic companies have grown during the recession, so there is no reason why you cannot.

Recession is always temporary but there is no forecasting how long it can last. If you get into any of the above businesses, they will do well during a recession and will do better once it passes. So, these are no-risk options worth exploring.



Joe Daley
CEO and
Logo Designer at Logomyway.com Logomyway helps businesses connect with thousands of talented designers all over the world to help get the perfect logo designs, T-shirt designs, business cards, Print Ads or maybe you want a tattoo design to get that tattoo you have always wanted.
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