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Vol. 4 issue #288 July 15, 2009                    


“SHOCKING” News for you... 

A message from the Internet Marketing Center's Derek Gehl, one of THE smartest Internet marketers, is retiring. Now more than EVER, (think 'recession'), people need some SERIOUS help making money online... and he just up and quits?!

Check out the special web page he posted explaining in more detail why he's retiring, how he has built an amazing team of experts he's passing the torch to, it all makes sense...

As a final "farewell," he's actually putting together everything he *knows* about making money on the Internet! That's $100 MILLION worth of experience and strategy secrets.

Here is the website where you can find out about Derek's entire collection of Internet marketing strategies and it is only going to be available for a short time, so you need to check it out RIGHT AWAY!

      Derek Gehl’s Insiders Marketing Strategies and Secrets

P.S. Derek's created more success stories than any other "guru" out there, so you KNOW his strategies will work for you, too.

The Value of Work Vs The Reality of Work

By Ariadne Roxas

Entrepreneurs who are driven to succeed are usually motivated by the stronger one of two directing forces. They can be pushed from behind, or pulled by a vision. And while visions are all well and good to keep your eyes focused on your goals, it is the steps you take every day that takes you closer to attaining them.

It is just so easy to forget this sometimes, lured as we are by the quick-fix promises and get-it-now impulse of our culture, that we often get discouraged at how slow things seem to be going. We beat ourselves up because we're not succeeding the way we thought we should, given our efforts, or even as fast as we think we should, seeing as how other people seem to be zipping merrily past us.

Think of the non-stop messages that today's fast-forward culture blasts at us in the media and in advertising: "Multi-tasking makes everything better, faster! Get rich quick! The fast and easy way to lose weight, gain weight, make money, attract people, attain success!" No wonder we're stressed. Despite our best efforts, these messages are sneaky and insidious, slipping under the radar even when --especially when-- we don't pay attention. They're everywhere, ubiquitous and unnoticed, and their sheer volume makes it virtually impossible for us to remain unaffected.

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Here is something to keep in mind: The reality of work is something we deal with every day. The value of work is something we realize over a lifetime

While we encounter the reality of work in our daily efforts, the value of work doesn't show itself instantly. It takes time to show results. And as in taking in a very big vista (think of the Grand Canyon, or the Great Wall), it takes distance to see the whole picture.

There are three things you can do to make the reality of work easier to handle:



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Recognize the truth - Once you see the truth, you can take steps to deal with it.

Work is hard. It is not always all fun, accomplishments and getting paid but can also include physical exhaustion and mentally running on fumes. It can also involve the lack of support, supplies and patience, as well as running out of inspiration and creativity, and wishing you had an established, formal support system to handle the rest of the stuff you don't want, like accounting, billing, collections, and a legal department.

Accept the truth - Once you accept the truth, you can decide on how to act.

Seeing the truth is difficult enough, accepting it will take you to a whole new level of perception. Once you hit this level, you can't go back. Like they say, once your mind has been stretched, you can't unstretch it. You need to accept truths once you recognize them, and prove yourself everyday, in the small things as well as the grand moments. In another guise, this practice is also called building discipline.



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Commit to accepting it - Once you commit to the truth, acting on it is easier.

When you commit, it means to uphold a promise with action. Act on this truth, every day.

It's so much easier to slid back into what you know, comfortable, even. It's so much easier to just swallow the blue pill and go back to Fantasyland. But that's not what you're here for, and that's not part of your vision. Keep the vision in the fore-front of your mind, focus your daily efforts on moving towards your goals, and be aware of the many distractions and mirages that can pull you by the wayside. Keep these tips in mind so you have something to keep you going when the going gets rough.


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