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Vol. 4 issue #296 November 4, 2009                    


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A Key Secret to Small Business Success

By Andy Abbate

If you ask successful small business owners and managers about whether they use Public Relations you might get that "deer in the headlights" look. They don't want to tell you their secret to success. They don't want you to know their prized "ace in the hole". They don't want tell you how they get all that visibility. And they sure don't want you to know how they attract all those new customers!

So, what's their secret? Public Relations!

No matter how PR is used - issuing press releases, updating website content or generating social media buzz -- PR is all about getting your business noticed. That means raising your business profile to your target market, your industry, your community and, yes, your employees. PR enables you to tell your story your way and, as a result, it generates goodwill for your company and increased interest in your products and services.


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Since the dawn of PR, the press release has ruled the day. Even in this era of instant communications via blogging, e-mails and e-zines -- the press release plays a vital role. Of course, the more newsworthy the information contained in your press release, the more response you will see.

But don't stop there! You can use this same information as a blog entry. Oh, and don't forget to email it as well and (least we forget) put it in your e-zine. All these outlets reach people who are interested in what you have to offer. Some people may get your story more than once, and that's good. You generally have to "touch" someone 7 times to get in the door.



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PR will also help with your business build and reinforce its reputation. An effective PR program can have you speaking about recent trends in your industry and commenting on their impact on the end user. Pretty soon you will be looked upon as an industry expert. And experts are highly sought after!


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While we've just scratched the surface, I bet you've already begun to see how PR can benefit your business -- especially in this tough economic climate. To paraphrase the great Dan Kennedy, your prospects are buying from someone so it might as well be you! Use PR to generate interest in your products and services, attract new customers, and remind current customers how valuable you are to their business.

The bottom line of a PR program is to increase your visibility, reach and impact in the marketplace. And that will generate more sales!



Andy Abbate is president of Tenbrook Associates, a public relations and marketing firm based in South Florida. He has designed and implemented successful campaigns for such diverse industries as: financial services; health care; international trade and commerce; hospitality; professional services; restaurants; not-for-profit; and professional associations. He can be reached via e-mail to info@tenbrook.us or by calling 305-597-0055.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andy_Abbate

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