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Vol. 4 issue #297 November 18, 2009                    


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Balance the Scales of Features and Benefits

By Amy Franko

Features and benefits - you can't really have one without the other - and be honest about what you're selling and delivering to your target market.

A recent article came across my desk about features and benefits, and making sure you're sharing the benefits of your product or service. Which I agree is important.

But let's take a look at the value of features. It's a balancing act in the creation of your marketing collateral and your sales processes. When the scales are out of balance, you risk turning off your clients and losing sales.


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Benefits do matter - you have to clearly demonstrate to your potential clients what the end result is in working with you or your organization. But, people still need to know the components of what you're offering - otherwise they might think you're just doing a sales job on them. If you're considering buying a product or program, and there's this huge long list of all the benefits it offers... but the actual features that provide the path to those benefits aren't described well, what does that say?



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Know your audience - what is most important to the person or decision maker? For example, men and women may respond differently. Organizations and individuals may respond differently. This is where having your target market profile is key. When you can visualize the person or group you are writing to and know their decision-making factors, it influences all of your copy - web copy, emails, voice mails, and autoresponders. Everything you write or say is copy; it has an effect on people. So take care in what you're putting out there.


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Ultimately, your end goal is to create confidence and inspire action. Your benefits should inspire that action, because that person wants what you have, they want the end results you're describing. It helps them reconcile their emotional need to buy. But seeing a well-constructed list of the features that will get them to that result - it can help reconcile the logical side that says, "OK. I can see this person has thought this through and is offering the 'how' of getting to those benefits." People want confidence that you know "how" to get them there - your features.



Ready to learn more strategies for building your business? I invite you to visit http://www.amyfranko.com and subscribe today! You'll get instant access to "5 Essential Strategies to Book Yourself Solid," plus other resources to build your self-employed consulting practice. I'm the owner and principal learning designer of Amy Franko Consulting. Much of my experience over the past 12 years has been in sales, marketing, and project management. My love of learning and professional development is what propelled me to jump into the world of self-employment and launch my own training company.

(c) 2009 Amy Franko Consulting, LLC

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Amy_Franko

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