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Vol. 4 issue #298 December 2, 2009                    


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3 Easy Things to Remember When Building Your Online Business

By Rusty English

The principles used to build an online business or a brick and mortar business are the same. There may be more gadgets and techno involved but they both involve people. Building relationships (since people are what you market to) is what both are all about. In order to make any progress in an online business, you have to build a trust with people and they have to believe in you. You can learn the razzle dazzle of online marketing and super strategies for projecting words of steel, but putting technology ahead of relationships with people will only put you on a long road to frustration.

Here are the principles or bull you will need to make sure you are full of before considering to build your business online.

The customer is the King/Queen

In everything you do, put the customer first. They came to your site for a reason. Maybe you feature-advantage-benefited them to your site or razzle-dazzled them with your adwords, but in either case you better find out what they want.

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You will be in a better position to respond to them on time in a big way if you engrave their needs, wants and interests in your heart because they are the goose that lays the golden egg.

No customers-no business. They do not care how smart you are nor how wonderful your graphics are. You better believe they have an idea of what they want and it is not what you have but the feeling or peace they think they will feel or how their life will be better if they get it.

Your Reputation is all you've got!


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Initial promises you've made to woo them in should be included up front in your initial contact. Offers of free gifts better be delivered. This is your one and only "first" impression. You will be off to the races for the sale if you deliver as you promise in the early game. This includes if you have promised that you are the master of information on the subject that they want to learn about. Just go ahead and make that information available and do the homework required to master the information before you promise to be the "man with the plan." One step at a time explaining (not selling) all the way building a degree of trust and reliability meeting one promise after the other.

Keep it simple, silly!


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Clean and professional. Under-promise and over-deliver. Keep the showmanship to a minimum. Have fun, but don't brag too much. Be clear what you offer. You are one click away from a lost deal. Keep their attention with interesting content. Tell the truth. Make it exciting. Show up for the show with the biggest show you have. Make them yawn, complicate things so they don't get it, lie through your teeth, show up small and they will shake the dust off their feet and move on to the next town!

The art of building relationships is the basic premise for any type of business. It all begins with building strong customer relationships. Your success is riding on how people perceive you. Don't overlook this. If you stay with it, you will master the marketing techniques required, but a strong relationship with your customers should always come first.



Rusty English has a successful property restoration company that restores properties that have been damaged by disaster related events. He made his first real estate deal in 1995 buying a house with a garage apartment in mid-city Baton Rouge. He has since then flipped many houses and apartment complexes for a profit. He is now grabbing the power of internet marketing to give you the training and knowledge so that you can also snatch the profit potential of strategically placed internet strategies. Rusty English's marketing strategies allow the investor to find some of the very best "below market" deals available. Fortunately (for you), Rusty English does not have time to renovate and rehab all of these great deals and can pass the deals off to you. For more FREE info visit my website http://www.easyrealdeals.com Rusty English http://www.easyrealdeals.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rusty_English

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