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Vol. 4 issue #305 March 17, 2010                    


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What If I Want to Create a Product?  

By MJ Schrader

Maybe you have friends that have told you to create a product, because you make something unusual or something people need. Then maybe you were told to write a book or an ebook because you know something that others do not. Perhaps you heard about people making money online with some product creation. Of course, wanting a change in life or jobs gets a lot of people interested in creating products online and offline.

How do I know what people want?

To create a product you need to fill a want or a need. Needs are things like how to keep a child busy or something to carry a laptop. Wants are things like a pretty bag to carry the laptop. Another handy tip is a product or information that helps make life easier or makes a long task quicker.

How do I share my product?

After you have figured out how to fill that want, need or make life easier, you need to decide on what you are going to create. Sharing it will depend on what type of product you want to create. There is a difference between a physical product and an information type product. So will your product be something people can hold, or is it going to be just information?


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What if I create a physical product?

If you create a physical product there are plenty of different ways to get it out to people. With a little bit of research you can find lots of different stores online that will be glad to add your product to their market. There are places that will create the product for you. Offline will take a little bit more research, but can be done. People have created jams and sold them to co-workers and worked their way up to selling in national grocery chains.



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What if I create an information product?

If you are selling information, then you need to decide what format you are going to use to share it. Information can be turned into a physical product such as a book, an audio CD, a software CD, a DVD, or other formats. Some people choose to skip the physical route all together and have people download information from the internet. This is a very easy and popular way to get started.


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Is product creation worth the time?

Only you can make that decision. Plenty of people have created handy inventions that cause people to say "why didn't I think of that?" Then again there are products that have you scratching your head wondering why anyone would want that. Hopefully your product will fall into the former category and you will be able to create a product that people love.




MJ Schrader has a goal of "making your inner rockstar shine in your online business and life" which is reflected in her amiable and instructional forms. Make your inner rockstar shine and visit http://RockstarGuideBooks.com today.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=MJ_Schrader

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